Saturday, November 26, 2016

A multiple level home requires multiple trees, obviously.  So we headed to our favorite tree farm, B&Js Evergreen and (dodging the mud and muck) found the perfect short needle tree.
 The weather was warm, and we were able to spend some time with the animals, H braved another pony ride, and B chatted with the goats.  Both kiddos passed on the opportunity to talk to Santa, but they smiled and waved to the Big Guy in his sleigh.

 After a lunch and nap, the decorateing commenced.  Bennett was selected the hand crafted ornaments, and with each he picked up said "Ohhhh, I remember when I made that.  I was just a kid..." Harper opted for the sparkly and shiny ornaments, and really really want to put on the tinsel first.

 If I had it my way, we would keep the tree up all year long...
Oh - here's the front room tree.  The decorating production was much less dramatic - but it's still quite pretty - even with a zip lining elf.

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