Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 The week before Halloween, there was so much creepy energy around the 1407.  Little kids were lurking around, sneaking around corners, and screaming, "BOO!!!" at the top of their lungs.  The Ninja doned his plumber suit, and the Gnome her ladybug wings.  They played pretend, and let me tell you, there are countless stories about Mario and his Ladybug Princess.

We also read Halloween books, including "Junie B Jones: Boo and I Mean It!".  This made for belly laughs each night, as Bennett listened in wonder to how one little girl could be so naughty - and not even know it!  It also inspired a few nights of making lists, in preparation for the upcoming, haunting night.

It was finally Wednesday (who schedules Halloween on a Wednesday???), after a quick trip to see Randy,  we packed up the kids and Grammy and hit the trail.

 Harps was always a few steps behind, but she loved every minute!  She spoke in her Mandarin Chinese, but everyone still gave her candy.  Then, with a flip of her wings, and a friendly, "tu tu" (thank you), she was off.
Three neighborhoods later, and one really haunted house, we were ready to count our candy.
Until next year, Mario.

Friday, October 26, 2012

As I took this picture, I wondered just how many I have exactly like it.  Andy wielding a sharp knife, doing all the work for the project that his kids begged and begged to do, as they do anything BUT help in the carving.

The Prose Family Pumpkin Patch 2012
Can you tell who's who?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

About time.  This year, we made it to the Peyerl Family Halloween party.  We have been invited for years and years (and years), and finally we were able to attend.  There was some planning involved in this particular party - food, more food, booze, more booze, AND organized games for the kids?  My kind of party.  The Plumber and the Bug enjoyed themselves right to sleep (sleep like I had to decide which one to carry into the house first, when we got home, and then wondered if it was illegal, or unsafe to leave one zonked child in the car, as you lugged the other one in the house...)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Honey.... I'm Home!!!

We got a roommate!!  Cousin Skip called me this summer, and told me all about his pharmaceutical rotations.  He works at various pharamacies, for five weeks, learning all he can about drugs before moving on to the next location.  And, guess what??  His Oct/Nov rotation is in Sartell!  And, did I have room for a 40 year old vet? 

Of course, we did, and Skip moved into our basement (Sorry, T.  Your on the couch for a month.)  It's actually quite awesome.  He has introduced me to some hilarious television (can't believe I never watched "Broke Girls"!!!), plays with the kids every night (there are only so many games of UNO, one mom can handle), and even has been responsible enough to watch the ninja and the gnome, all alone.

He is determined to get Harper to wear a shirt before he leaves...  Good luck with that.