Friday, February 25, 2011

boys vs girls

Harper is almost 9 months old already.  She is one happy baby.  She smiles all day long.  She laughs (grunts) and giggles (grunts) and coos (grunts).  The difference between boys and girls is overwhelmingly obvious in our house.  Harper is happy when she wakes up. Bennett cried when he woke.  Harps is a wonderful eater.  She is eating finger food and 2 bowls of cereal/baby food for meals.  She also LOVES her bottle.  B would rather do pretty much anything other than eat.  H snuggles.  She will hold you, and rest her head in the crook of your neck.  She's a lover.  Bennett will wrestle you to the ground, then proceed to use his num chucks and/or sword to battle you into defeat.  Harper screams (and grunts).  Bennett "Hei-Ya's!" (and grunts).  Boys vs girls?  Sounds like AP vs GP.