Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of K

 On the eve of Bennett's last day of K, he sat and reflected upon his year.  He wondered where it went, and how it possibly could have gone so fast.  He spoke highly of his classmates, new friends and gym class.  He was pretty sure he would go to first grade next year, and that his teacher would L.O.V.E (yes, he spelled it out for me) her gift of dinner at a sushi restaurant.  But, he was not sure how to express his gratitude and love for the amazing Ms. Blomgren.  He thought and thought...
 Dear Ms. Blomgren,
You are the best teacher in the world!!!!!!  Don't tell my mom.
Love, Bennett

Friday, May 17, 2013

wiggle wiggle wiggle my tooth

We have been singing that song for WEEKS!  Bennett started informing Andy and I about his "loosy" mid-March.  Pretty sure the tooth wasn't actually loose until mid-April, which was when we started singing the song "Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle My Tooth".  Bennett used every single strategy (other than attaching a string to the tooth and wrapping it around door knob) to get that thing out.  It was hanging by a thread (which he often tried to show me, and I quickly averted my eyes).  FINALLY! A big bite on a granola bar did the trick.

That night, Bennett put his tooth in a glass jar in his room...
And, the sweet little tooth fairy, whispered a secret in his ear, and traded his tooth for 2 gold coins.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Prose Nose

enough said.

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Tree in Autumn

Last night, we went to the local art show at Oak Ridge Elementary.  Bennett has been talking about this show for weeks, however, he has refused to tell us what piece of art he selected to put on display.  Apparently, he is like his daddy, in loving the element of surprise.

And, a surprise it was, when Grammy showed up!!  The kids shrieked when they saw the little red car in the drive.  Grammy's here!!!  Grammy's here!!!  (Harper did quizzically question Bennett concerning the whereabouts of Grampy and Jax.  They have to work, and take care of the Great Ones.)

Back to the story...  We arrived and perused the halls full of incredible artwork.  Rounding the corning to the Kinder wing, B smiled and did a Vanna White sweep with his hand, "Here it is, Mom."
No ribbons were awarded at this show, but the above piece, "A Tree in Autumn" is blue ribbon material.