Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Open House

August 28th , 2012 marked Bennett's Open House at Oak Ridge Elementary School.   Go to school, find your classroom, bring in all your supplies, meet your teacher.  This was my first "parent" experience in an elementary school, and I have to say, it was really intimidating.  I wanted to make a good impression, I wanted Bennett to make a good impression.  I wanted the teacher to like my kid.  I was nervous, but fortunately, I was the only one.

 I'm pretty sure Ms. Blomgren is going to be awesome.  She is young, and fun, and has pinned some really cool stuff on Pinterest.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mad-City in August

A Summer in the (mad) City

Possibly the best weekend of the summer of 2012.  Here's why:
1.   Wisco Beer
2.  Wisco Cheese
3. Cheese Curd Competition (this should maybe be #1...)
4. Bart Simpson Uno
5.  Day Drinking, with children, is socially accepted - if not encouraged
6. Kids fell asleep really early
7. Best Sisters in the Universe

 We will be back, soon, DoDo.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Bennett has taken up running this summer.  He runs with his daddy outside, he runs with his mommy downstairs, he runs up and down the house, outside, to the mailbox...  It's quite apparent that his favorite mode of transportation is to run.  So, what better way to get him motivated - but with a kids 1K?? 

We asked Max (our behind the house neighbor) if he would like to run with Bennett.  It seemed like a good idea, and Andy and I loved it because Max and Bennett were able to train together.  (Run around the block a time or two, usually sufficed.)  The big day came, and we headed to the church. (Yes, I said, "church".)

 Bennett was so awesome, but a 1K is pretty far for little legs.  He got a piggy back ride, for a few feet, but found his stride (which is an exact replica of his daddy) near the end.  As Bennett neared the finish, he raised his arms in triumph, and threw out rocker hands.  The crowd cheered him on, and he was pretty sure he won.  Of course, we told him he did.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Prose Family F-U-N Day

Prose Family Fun Day - a mandatory day of fun! We meet at the river, we eat, and play, and swim, and the adults try to take a few pics, as the kids scamper about.  Oh, and AP usually roasts a pig.

 Papa is an artist, and this year, he had his favorite grandkids create an art table in the yard.  With some hesitation, Bennett slowly began drawing.  Harper grabbed a marker and scribbled away, not a moment of hesitation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Saw & A Needle

Two weeks after the orthopedic appointment, Bennett returned to experience the saw.

And, two years later, Andy returned to experience the needle.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Get the List!!

Bennett is starting Kindergarten this year.  It's been a rather touchy subject this summer, because Bennett discovered that Kylee was not going to be his kinder teacher.  Kylee is our friend, and she teaches kindergarten.  Bennett assumed that she taught everyone kindergarten.  I gently broke the news, and he was devestated.  He decided if Kylee was not his teacher, than he was not going.  It was quite simple for his 5 year old brain.

After several discussions, and a brief stalking of his real teacher (via Facebook and Pinterest), Bennett decided that Ms. Blomgren might be ok.  We took this opportunity to go school shopping!!

The Prose Family hit up Target, and Andy grabbed the list.  We roamed from aisle to aisle selecting the perfect crayons, markers, folders and notebooks.  We then discovered that we had grabbed the wrong list.  Quickly, returning the supplies for Oak Park School, we grabbed the list for Oak Ridge School, and the process began again.

 The backpack selection was essential.  Only a ninja would select a backpack from Hot Topic.  A reversible backpack, of course.

It was a long day, and everyone was tired.  The evening ended with the sweetest conversation between brother and sister, as Bennett hugged and snuggled, and convinced Harper she would be just fine at Ms. Kelli's, without him.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Big D

Grampy bought a camper.  That man never surprises me, but I must say this did raise an eyebrow.  The text convo went something like this:

Dad: I think I bought a camper.
Me: You think you did what??
Dad: I think I bought a camper.  At an online auction.  If I did Uncle Jim will drop it off.

A few days later, guess who rolls up??
 hmmmmm.... What can we do with this "camper"?  (Really - it's a total party bus.) Well, the obvious choice is to take it for a cruise!  We went to pick up the kids in new ride, all the while trying to find the perfect name...

Welcome, Big Delores.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buddha called the elephants.

Before Andy underwent surgery, he put a call into my sister wife.  He wanted to make sure I wasn't lonely or bored while he was out of commission (You'd think we just met.  I don't really get lonely or bored.)  Andy enlisted T to come and stay, and he encouraged us to do a project.  (As he yelled ridiculous, drug intoxicated commentary from the bedroom.)

Being the second - less vocal - child, sometimes Harps get "neglected".  Don't get it twisted, the little girl can certainly speak up for herself, in her own language, of course.  But, when it came to the next room re-do project, little Miss Harper won the coin toss.

Here's what we know about our little gnome.  Harper's is a total free spirit.  She is our lovely, little gypsy child.  She has a wild mane of white hair, and refuses to wear a shirt.  Total hippie.  So, we went straight to Buddha for our inspiration.  And, he summoned the elephants.

Let's take it back to the start.

 Use used lots of natural materials for Harper.  An old dresser from the farm, a cut up sparkly calendar and some natural stained wood, and lots and lots of gold glitter.  (That's a natural material, right?)

 With some beautiful made curtains, and a relaxing little reading nook, Harper was set. (On the second floor, so it will be much more difficult for her to sneak our her window.)