Monday, September 30, 2013

Guy Guy

I found a guy.  His name is Guy.  I've been thinking we need some family pictures, and my bestie is a bit preoccupied (and I fear she may start charging me, if I keep making her take pictures of the ninja and the gnome.).  So, I did some research and found a Guy, who wears a bow-tie and lovez JayZ.  Hmmm...  Sounds like a perfect fit for our family.  We met with him, and he was so great with the kids.  He chatted away with Bennett about first grade, and Lego's and bow-ties.  He danced with Harper and knew all about princesses and singing.

As we were leaving, we booked a shoot, and said, "So, I think you guys are great.  I'd say you are classic with a hint of whimsy..."

Yeah - nailed it.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prose Pumpkin Patch

Considering I left my family stranded at the River for the arrival of Lil' Lo, Andy and the kids had to take the mighty Lincoln home.  Which we had to return, and that gave us a perfect opportunity to check out the Prose Pumpkin Patch!  Every year, Papa grows enormous pumpkins, and this year was our turn to get THE BIG ONE!!

 Oh, and a watermelon.  AP carried the watermelon.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Lola,

Happy birthday!!  Geez, baby girl.  If you only knew how long I've been waiting to tell you that!  (Or, how long I've been writing this letter in my head.)  This letter isn't about me, it's about you and your mom and dad.  First, I'd like to tell you what an incredibly lucky little girl you are.  You have the most amazing parents, maybe a bit odd at times, but truly always amazing.  They have more love to give you, then you could ever know, or have room to hold.  Also, they have some pretty interesting habits and hobbies, so you are bound to have some cool stories to tell your friends.

The story of your birthday goes a little like this...  Your mom went into labor on Thursday.  So by Sunday, she was kind of a grouch.  Can't really say I blame her, especially considering she and your daddy had gone to the hospital twice, and were sent home twice.  I did my best to check on her without being too annoying, but like your parentals, I was anxiously awaiting your arrival.

I arrived (without getting a speeding ticket, or stuck in the parking ramp) at the hospital, found your mom, and felt much better when I saw that she was ok, and even smiling.  Here are your parents, Lola, big grins at 3:13pm.  Pretty sure your dad's exact words were, " We are ready to rock and meet our daughter!!"  Everyone was pretty certain, you  had to arrive soon - your mom was dilated to an 8, and contractions were pretty intense and very close together. 
About an hour later, you still hadn't arrived.  And, I sat watching you on the monitor (4:56pm).  Sweet Lo, your little heartbeat was so strong, just puttering away, yet the contractions were so close together.  After a few hours, you got noticeably tired.  Who wouldn't?  It's hard work coming into the world, and as minutes passed into hours, it took you longer and longer to recover.  As your heart rate dropped, 
so did mine.  Let's be clear: I knew you were not in danger, but knowing didn't make you arrive any faster.  And, it did not make watching your mom work through the pain and uncertainty any easier. So, I took pictures.  (6:04pm) I love how this pic makes me an official sister-wife.
And, I crocheted (7:48pm), getting a head start on Christmas gifts.

 and tried to keep your mama as comfortable as possible (8:55pm), without facebooking a single detail.
But, like you, your mama was getting tired.  You were stuck in the same pattern of enjoying your cozy womb space, not wanting to join our party.  Your mom was stuck on her left side, your daddy was enjoying his Pawn Stars marathon, and I was getting annoyed with your doctor.  Something wasn't right.  While I'm all for letting a body do it's thing, I was pretty sure the doctors needed to do their thing.

It was about 10pm, and after a significant drop in your heart rate, when the doctors started talking about a possible c-section.  I was relieved, thinking you would be here soon.  Finally, they were going to do something, and your mom could rest.  Also, having experience with the procedure, I was pretty sure it was a brilliant idea.  Your daddy, however, wasn't convinced.  He got a bit pale, when your heart dropped, and I scooted him to the other side of the room, gave him a quick hug, and told him to go take a walk, and if he had to eat, he should do it somewhere else.

But, yet, we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Your mom tried to sleep, and your dad zoned out to the television, and all was quiet, each wrapped up in our own thoughts.  After another round of four nurses rushing in, and your dad's wide eyes, I sqeezed your mom's hand and went to have a little chat with the doctor.

Let's be realistic, Lola.  I'm quite sure I didn't convince the doctor it was time for a surgical delivery, but I did have some choice words with her.  Minutes later, (at 1:03am)  I helped your dad into his gear

and hugged and kissed your mom, as the nurses wheeled her into surgery.  I really wanted to go with her, like really really didn't want to leave her, and I think she felt the same, but that would have been weird, right? (Prolly not that weird, considering all the other stories we will tell you - when you are 35.)

At 1:11am,  everyone was gone, and the room was empty, I sat on the floor and cried.   A nurse came in, and brought me to the waiting room.  She wrapped her arms around me, and whispered, "It's harder than you thought, right?"  I mopped up my tears, got some more coffee and waited for the pic.  I knew it wouldn't be long, and your dad had very strict instructions to let me know your mom was OK, and  you safely arrived, the very first minute he could.  Your dad - he's a good listener.  (1:40am)

While you were being wiped off, and measured and your mama was in recovery, I sat and watched several episodes of "Bad Ink".  It's this really great reality show about people who have terrible tattoos, and they go get them covered with super cool, new tattoos.  It's pretty incredible what some people choose to put on their body.  Keep that in mind, Lo, when you want to get inked.  I'm all for tattoos.  I'll even bring you to the parlor, if you want, when you are 18, of course. Just make sure your tatt mean something, that will still mean something, when you are 55.

Finally, after 10 months and 12 hours later,  I was allowed to hold you, and tell you a few little secrets.
One day, you may understand how difficult it is to keep a secret from your best friend, your soul sister.  I kept a secret from your mom.  I wanted to tell her, even tried to tell her, but I never actually did.  I knew that had I told her this very special secret, it would not have made sense, and it was impossible she could have understood.  See, Lo, there is this love, this incredible, indescribable love, that is - very literally - like no other love in the world. I kept it to myself, until today.  And, today, I knew I would never have to tell your mom the secret, because she knew.  The minute she held you, I could see.  She already knew.
Love you always. and forever. and no matter what.
gina lola

Sunday, September 22, 2013

85 mph

The hospital (finally) gave T a room, and when Matt told me she was at an 8, I actually kind of panicked.  And, then, I panicked because I was panicking.  Usually, I'm pretty cool and collected.  I would say about 95% of the time, I keep it together,  but I literally couldn't help it.  I kept wondering if this was how my mom felt when I was in delivery... 

I was excited,  nervous,  and scared.  But mostly, I was honored.  I knew her life was about to change, in an instant, and  I was privileged to be able to witness my best friend turn into a mother. 

Papa's is how old??

SEVENTY-FIVE!! Papa is 75, and there is no better reason to celebrate!  The entire family got ready in our birthday best.  I was sure to talk to T prior to leaving, and though she was a bit grouchy (I would be too, had I been in labor for the last 3 days), she was told me in sharp text speak, "Nothing new going on today.  Nothing."  So, we packed up one cake and one car.

We arrived, and just as I was setting in with a glass of wine, and the kids were busy crafting, my phone began to blow...  I gave my regrets, and with a racing heart and teary eyes, I ran to the Prius and left my family stranded at the river.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Strawberry Pancakes, Please

The Prose Family loves their breakfasts. We have a "new" favorite breakfast spot - and here's why.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

School Shopping

School shopping has been a tradition in our family, almost as important as the Christmas turkey.  I vividly remember my school shopping trips with my Grandma.  She would bring me to Thief River Falls, and we would stop at the local shops, and have usually have hot beef sandwiches at the Rex Cafe.  Then, I would come home, and my family would sit though a fashion show, in which I grandly displayed every single item purchased.  (bless their hearts, that had to be painful...)

Grammy Jane has kept this occasion alive, and comes each year to, and take the ninja to the mall. 

The boy does not do a fashion show, but I am quite certain we have several in our future.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School

September 03, 2013

 I wouldn't say this day was easier than the first day of kinder...  I don't know if it gets easier...  Putting your kid on the bus, watching them drive away to school, it is just so incredibly weird.  It's kinda like a well-scripted, near-death, "I'm walking towards the bright light, and my life is flashing before my eyes" scene in a movie. Literally, I could feel the tiny baby boy in my arms, as he waved to me from the bus seat.  The nervousness in his eyes, hurt my heart, and yet, I knew he will have a great day.

Yes, I still make fun of those crying moms, and I continue to cry behind my aviators. 

All I can think, only two more years until the Gnome waves from the window of the big yellow bus.