Thursday, April 12, 2012


I pretty much love instagram.  It makes me feel like a real photographer.  Ok, not really.  Last night, I tried to instagram a picture of my Mexican tostadas, and it was so not photog worthy.  But, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the results, and I feel like I am kinda photographer.  For about a second, then I see the pictures on my instafeed from my other instagram peeps. 

Coloring Crash

Sugar high and subsequent crash from all those chocolate bunnies, made for some sluggish kids that Easter Eve. 

 If I hadn't witnessed it myself, I never would have believed that the boy and girl would lay and color for almost 40 minutes.  Andy and I sat watching, barely daring to breath, in fear that we would disturb the peaceful silence.  Even Big D lay still...


That Bunny hid 100 eggs on the river.  Good thing Bennett and his cousins are eggspert egg detectives.  They searched high, they searched low, and they filled those buckets to the top.

The crew is pretty certain they found all the eggs, but I'm pretty certain Papa and Grandma will uncover a few this spring.

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Harper is such a girl.  She was so excited to get dressed in her new Easter best.  She giggled as she
pulled on her tights, and smiled when she finally got the dress sitting on her shoulders properly.  After all the clothes were in place, she tugged me into the bathroom, placed a comb in my hands, and "asked" me to fix her hair in pig tails.  On the toilet, still as a statue she sat, as I parted her hair and tied up her piggies.  Then, she ran to show her brother, who replied, "Ohhh.  Pretty, Harper." and went back to his cartoon.
 As if Bennett's response was not good enough for her, she ran to the mirror, to check her self out.  Then, pulled me into her room, so I could admire her cuteness.  She struck several different poses for the camera.

 Bennett is such a boy.  He was dressed and ready in 8 seconds, but only because he forgot to put on clean undies, so he had to take off his pants an extra time.  He was certain his shirt and tie matched "JUST FINE!".  He moaned when I said we needed to do something about his hair, and then began to prepare his video games for the car.  He also gave specific guidelines to my picture taking, "Only 2 pictures with Harper, Mom.  Only two."

Spring Break 2012

Spring break for Milaca Elementary is called "Easter holiday" by most of the local population.  For the first time ever, I would pack up the Prius (ahhhh - the Prius....) and the kids, and travel to PC!  Bennett was concerned that the Easter bunny was not aware this deviation from the traditional plan of going to the farm for Easter.  Fortunately, Grammy ran into that particular bunny, and she passed along the message the he would need to hop to the Prose residence to deliver the baskets.

With Easter morning beginning at 3am for AP, the kids slept until almost 8am, and then we raced to find the baskets.  Bennett found both, but properly pretended he knew nothing, as he guided Harper to her treasure.  Harper's basket was in the coat closet, Bennett's was in the laundry. (Which was fascinating to me, because I was certain the bunny put Bennett's basket in the bathtub.  But, it was mysteriously moved to the laundry room...)

We had candy for breakfast.  Don't tell Daddy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Embrace Change

Change is good.  I encourage you to embrace it - with both arms.  Recently, there have been several changes in our house.  We have started exercising regularly.  Mainly, running, but there have been some attempts at P90X (for AP, not me.  No way.).  We have changed our food intake to include more green things.  We have a change jar, which is filling up nicely.  We have even changed our bedtime, and started staying up past 7pm.  Quite the shocker.  In addition, I finally convinced Andy to put the Tahoe back where it belongs: The Used Car Lot.  And, now, I can tearfully, and with pure bliss, introduce...  The Blue B(eauty).
The Blue B joined our family, and she is nothing short of incredible.  In addition to getting 50mpg, she has space for a crew of 5,  enough storage in the back for a fire pit, 3 bundles of wood, all the supplies for upcoming projects, beer, groceries, and room to spare!  She also has navigation and BING.  My vision come true.  Cruising on this wave of change, I made an appointment to see Jenna.

Before: Laura Ingalls Wilder type sh#$                             The Pinspiration

After: 6-10 inches, baby!
Take that big, fat, bear hug, Change!!