Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bows in Her Hair

There's this little girl
with bows in her hair. 
She doesn't say too much,
but always knows what to wear.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rake Those Leaves

We are getting pretty comfortable in suburbia.  While I mourn the loss of my lazy summer days, drinking coffee with Rick during the day, and gin with Boo during the remainder of the day, I love the "newness" of fall.  Football (which we always pretend like we are going to watch) and the routine of school, and wearing long pants and socks. 

After school, it's still light enough to play, and that's exactly what we do - with Boo and the Crew.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Life

 Here we go again.  This  year, Fourth Grade Rocks!!  With poofy balls and a rock star theme, this will probably be the best year, yet.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Red and The White

Adios to the red and the white.  We will miss you, oh crooked floor.  The knick-knack stealing competition will resume upon the breaking of the ice.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

So Long, Cali!

Our real final weekend at the lake, included our favorite California peeps.  Pat and Judy pulled their respective partners out east.  It was cold for them (wimps), but I'm pretty sure all the family bonding warmed their big hearts right up.  We also got to meet the new cousins!  What a trip, these people are when they are all together!  It was fun to watch them pour over old pictures and letters, and hear all kinds of crazy stories. 

Bennett snuggled right up with Ed.  But, really, who wouldn't?  He's a snuggle up type of guy.

 Thanks to Judy for coming with me, and "all the men", for burger baskets.  While in Minnesota, one really does need to experience the transportation to a local bar in Big Delores.  We couldn't let the boys have all the fun.  But, then again, they probably wouldn't have had any fun without us.
 Come back soon, cousins. (But, we could probably leave the matching shirts at home.  Or at least, include Russ.)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Big K

I must preface with this - I hate it - when moms and dads say things like, "I can't believe my baby is starting kindergarten. wah wah wah."  I HATE IT even more, when moms cry and the bus stop, and linger with tears in their eyes, as their child climbs the steep stairs of the big yellow bus, with their new backpack strapped over their shoulders.

On Bennett's first day of K, I vowed to not be that mom.  Kids go to school every day!  I teach those kids, and I knew that Bennett would LOVE school.  I knew he would be safe, and I knew he would make friends, and learn an absorbent amount.  I also knew that I wanted to wave to him on the bus, so I was excited that B's first day, was my Open House.

 Andy and I dropped the kids off at Kelli's.  Later, we went back to meet Bennett, and wait for the bus' arrival.  Bennett met his first friend, Jay, at this bus stop.  Jay is also in Ms. Blomgren's class.  (I curiously wondered why this caused me a sigh of relief...)

 I wasn't able to be home that night, and hear all about his first day.  I had so many questions, and wanted to hear every detail.  As my work day came to a close that evening, I realized that I felt like I missed out on something big.  I kinda wanted to make cookies for the kid, and pour him a glass milk, as he told me all about school. 

Bennett did leave me a note, and let me know that "kindergarten is better than Disney World".

 I can not believe my baby is in kindergarten.  I seems like yesterday, I was cradling that 4lb bundle.  That morning, I was grateful for the aviators, which protected my eyes from the bright sun,  and hid my huge, alligator, tears.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grandma's Recipe

Due to a broken arm and a second back surgery the Prose Family missed out on Pickle Fest at Aunt Marge's house.  This was rather traumatic, because Aunt Dorothy promised to teach us how to make her infamous homemade bread, buns and Grandma Safar's cinnamon rolls.  I was disappointed, but had to take care of the patients. 

Fortunately, my dad is a great listener, and quick study.  He learned from the expert, and then agreed to spend our last weekend at the lake, teaching me the craft of bread making.

Following the recipe, we gathered the ingredients.  I had to ask the grocery guy where to find "lard".  Who knew it was in the refrigerator section?  

 We mixed, and then let it sit.  The unfortunate thing about bread making, is that it can be a long day of kneading and rising, and kneading again.  The fortunate thing is that these necessary breaks are perfect for bloody marys. 

 Keeping in mind who I was working with, there wasn't much of an opportunity for me to do anything, so I was sure to get a few pictures snapped before someone took over.

 We made big loaves of bread and little loaves.  We made a few dozen buns and carmel rolls (with and without nuts). 

 I'm hoping we started a family tradition, because I think Grandma Safar would be proud.  Thanks, Dad.