Saturday, June 28, 2008

the strong man and jayda

today we went to the sauk rapids food festival. they had a ton of food, and crafts, and beer, and games... but, most importantly, they had a real strong man competition! it was fantastic! these crazy guys lifted an obscene amount of weight, and pulled semi-trucks. there was a lot of shouting involved. i was very impressed with these men.
i think i will be in a strong man competition one day, but i will not wear spandex.
just when i thought my saturday could get no better, guess who showed up? jayda rae came over to spend the evening with me. from the minute her parents pulled out of the drive, i knew we were about to have some fun.
i showed her all my toys, and shared each and every one - almost. it was hard to share my mommy's lap, but i did my best. jayda needs to practice being a big sister, so i let her help my mom change my diaper, and put my PJs on. she was very helpful.
next time, we should go out to dinner, and leave mom and dad at home! i'll buy, you drive.


last weekend, mommy, T, and i went to mad-city to see colie. we had a blast - right, T? on saturday, we went to the best farmers market in WI. there are vendors selling everything; flowers, fruit, plants, vegetables, honey, syrup, meat, and of course - CHEESE. we picked up some necessary items for that evening's BBQ/Summer Solstice Party. (which is an entirely different post...)

the market wraps around the capital. it is beautiful. and, they have musicians! below is a pic of colie and me dancing to this guy singing johnny cash. i heart colie and the man in black.
colie spends her days working for the greater good of womens' health care. we stopped by the booth - i showed my support by trying to distribute all the stickers on the table to people gathered around.

i am glad i got to spend some quality time with colie, and i am grateful T made the trip w/ us. she always makes the drive much more interesting. mommy laughed so hard on the way down, if she were driving, she would have had to pull over.