Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Harps was really happy that day...
 Bennett: Hey, Mom!  Take my pic for Darrell.  Darrell love buffalo!

 Shhhhh, don't tell.  Prep for Disney World, baby!

Teach Me How to Bucky

Finally, we got to spend Colie's birthday with her!  Mom, Dad, the kids and I traveled to Mad-City for Labor Day weekend (which is literally labor day weekend for my mom.) We arrived in time to spend the last few hours of Nicole's birthday with her. 

We love Wisconsin, and the Mad-city - all most as much as we love 3D movies and Colie.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Harper is 16 months old.  She walks on her knees.  At her 15mo check, our doctor referred us to Physical Therapy.  I was not concerned at all.  Bennett walked at 16 months, I walked late, my nieces all were late walkers...  I was not worried when Dr. L raised one eyebrow, as she watched Harper (speed) walk on her knees.  But, I was a little shaken when she said, "EVERYONE in PT wants Harper on their caseload.  No one has seen a baby walk on their knees before."  (Really?  Because I googled it, and there are hundreds of knee walking babies...)  I enlisted the help of my SIL (PT extraordinaire; foot and ankle specialist).  Amy said Harps was fine.  Ms. Kelli said she was fine.  I, too, knew she was fine - but, I really wanted her to walk.

Harper walked around furniture, and walked behind push toys, and could stand unattended.  However, she only had taken 3 steps one time.  Until yesterday.
We were so excited to see Harper's Frankenstein gait.  The best ever was when Harper walked to greet AP when he came home from work.  His expression was classic, "What the ??"

I'm pretty sure our lives just changed dramatically - we may have to get a fence, or a leash.