Monday, November 22, 2010

lefse, anyone?

Each November, the Proses gather to participate in a family tradition.  The past few years, I have missed this weekend due to grad class or pregnancy.  This year, I was intent on learning the process of making lefse.  Early Saturday morning, I packed up the kids and T (honorary Prose), and traveled to Pine City.  Making lefse is no joke.  Rita had the Prose kitchen set up with six stations.  Wes prepared the dough, T, Rita, Stephanie and I rolled, and Eric was in charge of the griddles.  The kids ran from one end of the house to the other, and tried not to get hurt.

We laughed a lot.  We made a big mess.  And, we each went with home with bags of lefse.  Tradition.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey, everybody!!!!

I'm FOUR!!! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

it used to be cool

Daylight savings time used to mean an extra hour of bar (and sleep) time.  Now it means...  taking videos of your kids??  Oi.
You may not believe this the hippest way to spend the 5am hour, but I will take it any day.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is there a fire in there?!?!?!

Halloween this year was the best ever.  B is at the perfect age, he is so excited about every holiday.  We marked Halloween on the calendar in August, and have been counting down the days.  Grammy J made an unexpected, yet super welcomed visit.  So, not only was she here to witness the excitement, but she was able to take me to Target, and cook!  I do love my mom.

Bennett was a Fire Chief.  He has several fire fighting tools, and attached as many as possible to his belt.  The morning of Halloween, he was preparing all the necessary items.  He came up to me and said, "Mom.  Fire chiefs carry numchucks, right?"

H was a skunk - which couldn't be more appropriate.  I don't feel I need to elaborate.  However, she was a happy skunk.

It's become a tradition to Trick-or-Treat with the Kral family.  They live in the perfect neighborhood (think Wistera Lane, sans the murderous neighbors), with big candy bars and lots of porch lights.  Rae was Minnie Mouse, and Lex a pirate.  It was difficult to discern what B was more excited about - the festivities of Halloween, or spending time with his best friend.

On the way to the Kral house, I told B he may have to help the little girls, as Lex and H were new to this adventure.  He thought about it, then piped up, "But, Mom?  I'm not really a Halloween teacher..."

Where's AP you ask?  He was packing the stroller.

Five Month Stats

Harper Nicole
     *13.2 lbs (32%)
     *25 inches  (64%)
     *Diet of cereal & 6 oz milk
     *FINALLY, sleeping through the night - 6pm-6am (ahhhhhh - can you hear me singing??)

Bennett loving refers to his baby sister as "Harps".  He is often checking on her, and snuggling her, playing legos near her, and waiting anxiously until she can "actually DO something".  Bennett is convinced that Harper can talk, but can only say, "Hi, B."

Harper runs pretty hot and cold.  She is screaming one second, and the next laughing through her big tears.  I've found that my parents think this is quite comical.  They also sharing a knowing glance when H sticks her thumb in her mouth.  Not sure what that is all about...

Ms. Kelli says that Harper is one happy babe, very content to watch the other kids play.  H spends a lot of time on the floor, but has yet to roll over.  All in good time - I'm pretty content with her staying stationary.

We love her - stinky butt and all.