Wednesday, August 20, 2008

prose family fun day

here is the prose family. the cool thing about this pic is that it is a recreation. grandma rita has this favorite family picture, taken on a picnic table just like one below. the difference, below everyone is about 20 years older, and this picture is missing my uncle dan. soon, we all joined in. ifor the record, i was not crazy about all these pictures. there was a problem that you can not see in the photograph. the problem was, we were sitting right next to a swing set that has a slide. not just any old regular slide, but a slide with a pool at the bottom! mommy and daddy made me sit and smile, all the while this slide/pool combo was calling my name...
lauren and ella swinging - notice their dry clothes.
stephanie was all smiles, but noah was pretty sleepy. he is a big, growing boy. and introducing...
BABY GRACIE!!!! auntie amy brought baby gracie for me to see! gracie is beautiful. she is little, and sweet, and amazing. i was excited to meet her, but i was not excited when mommy was holding her. really - she is cute, but i must draw the line when it comes to my mom's lap.

abrazos y besos

Monday, August 18, 2008

thanks, T

i love it when my T comes to visit. she loves me and always gives me kisses and reads to me, and we play the best games. but mommy said she may never be allowed over again...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


number three leather is strong, yet flexible, warm and strong.
for these reasons, i love him more each day.