Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grateful For

Thanksgiving 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mustache Party

This was the official invitation to Bennett's fifth birthday.  I have always know that Benito was a unique kid.  However, this was only solidified when he requested a "mustache" themed party.  Of course, AP and I rolled with it...  And, went in search of party favors.  If we were going to have a mustache party, there needed to be some mustaches!!

 So we bought mustache T's, and mustaches for the ladies.

 We even made mustaches for the walls.

 Bennett received several fantastic gifts: puzzles, erector sets, PJs, transformers, light sabers, a model of the solar system, video games, straw glasses...  However, the biggest statement of the entire day, was in the preparation.  EVERY SINGLE man who attended Bennett's mustache party, grew a real mustache in his honor. 

You know people love your kid, when they grow a 'stache for him.
And, really, how could you NOT love this kid?

Friday, November 11, 2011

The BIG 0-5

Bennett Daniel Prose is 5 years old.  Bennett Daniel Prose is 5 years old.  I have to keep repeating this statement, as if I am trying to convince myself of the accuracy.  It's seems so utterly insane to me that this little boy is turning into such a big KID. 

I am lucky for many reasons, and having the boy, is at the very top of my list.  He makes me laugh until I cry, he amazes me with his wit and memory.  He pushes my patience with his endless chatter, and stretches my brain with the questions he asks.

We love him with our everything.

Fortunately, he told me today not to worry, because even 5 year olds hug and kiss their Mommy.

The Ninja & the Bumble

It has become a tradition for Mom to come spend Halloween with us,

and to trick-or-treat with the Kral family. 

This year, Bennett was Halloween crazy.  He wore his ninja costume most days after school, and practiced what he would say trick or treating. 

Harper, not so much.

 The Bumble & the Ninja...  So different, yet identical... 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sh#%s & Giggles

T is beginning to stretch her photog wings.  Or perhaps, she is just getting sick of taking pics of the Prose kids.  MEA weekend, Terrin and I met my lovely sister in law, Amy, and her equally lovely little girls for a photo shoot at the Como Conservatory.  We laughed a lot that day, as Amy smoothed dresses, Ella sat poised and ready for each smile, and Gracie...  Well, Gracie has a mean 3 point stance.

Of course, T also got some great pics of the 'lil Gnome - standing tall on her feet!!

We named our future business that day, but decided we may need some more practice, and an appropriate logo.

Get on your feet, little girl.

Darling Harper has been walking on her knees for almost 6 weeks.  At her year check up, we were even referred to PT.  The PT department had a few possible reasons for her knee walking: unusually small feet in proportion to the rest of her body, being born into a family of late walkers, speed (she's really fast on her knees).  I was not worried by her knee walking, just a little annoyed with telling her to get on her feet.  Harper can bear weight on those little tiny feet, and walk behind push toys and around furniture.  To me, it seemed she was just choosing the quickest mode of transportation.

October 17, 2011 was a day like any other - until I picked up the kids after school.  I almost fell to my KNEES, when Harper walked up to me on her FEET!!! 
 Just another reason to go to school, kids. 


The second weekend in October, the Prose family traveled to Warren-town.  Great Grandpa had not been feeling well, and had to go stay in Crookston for awhile.  I wanted to help with the transition, and was so happy the Andy was able to figure out work, so he could come, too.  On this trip, we found out that Harper is not really a fan of road trips.  She fussed and cried and screamed until Mahnomen. (For those of you who are not familiar with the area north of Alexandria, this is roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes into a 4 hour trip.)  We also found out that Bennett can talk, and sleep through her screaming.  We spent lots of time with The Great Ones, and went to the local pumpkin patch, and played in the leaves.

Carving pumpkins with a tot, and a 5 year old is precarious.  Andy broke the cardinal rule:  NEVER ASK THE 4 YEAR OLD WHAT THEY WANT THEIR PUMPKIN TO LOOK LIKE!  Bennett wanted a ninja pumpkin, and skeleton pumpkin, and a mustached pumpkin.  We ended up with a vampire
and Batman.
I know!!  He's pretty good, right?!?