Friday, August 30, 2013

ok - you got the soccer mom car, now let's get the baby. 
This labor and delivery coach has a lot going on in the beginning of September, and every day, I think, "ok.  today's the day."   Of course, I know that little Lola will arrive in her own sweet time, and I must say, because of this added responsibility, I have never been more prepared for the first weeks of school.  Knowing that I may have to leave any day, I have been so organized.  I have copies made for lesson 3!  (This, is totally unheard of.)  And, every time my phone buzzes or dings, I'm convinced I'm hopping in the car.  Boo and Kylee are on full alert.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Night

Already?!?!  Yep, already.  And, I must say, we are pretty exited to get back to school.  This summer has been full of fun, but we are ready for the routine, and learning and excitement of school.  We are especially ready to hang out with our friends.  Tonight, we got to meet Mrs. Fritz - and she seems pretty awesome!!  Can't believe the boy is in first grade. He was a bit apprehensive (naturally) when we arrived, but as soon as he discovered that his locker and seat were right next to Avery, that  helped.

The most difficult descision of the evening was which folder to start the year with - TMNT or Uncle Si....  He went with the "Si".

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The last weekend in August, the kids and I took a mini-vacation to the Mad-city.  Usually, we prefer to bring T with us, but she is awaiting the arrival of a sweet baby girl, so we decided to leave her at home.  Nicole had to work a bit on Friday (imagine that??  Working on a Friday in the summer??) so the kids and I did a bit of exploring.  As usual, we hit up the capital building, laid on the floor, and checked out the badger.
 That weekend, we attended a sweet neighborhood festival, that had live music, pizza, beer and acrobats.

 Other than me getting a good dose of energy healing, the highlight of the weekend was definitely Harper teaching Colie how to walk like a princess.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The List for Fritz

Finally, the letter arrived!!  Bennett's first grade teacher is Mrs. Fritz.  Bennett is "kind of" excited about starting a new year, but is pretty sure he knows everything already.  (I have been told you learn all you ever need to know in kindergarten...) In true Prose boy fashion, he is also is a bit apprehensive about Mrs. Fritz.  I am quite sure that Mrs. Fritz is pretty awesome, but the only thing Bennett knows is Ms. Blomgren, and those are some pretty big shoes to fill...

I've learned with the boy (and his Daddy), it's best to just ease into any new adventure, and let him get comfortable, so we took the school preperations in tiny steps.  First, get the list.
 and, the backpack and supplies.  That was it, and it was enough to get a bit of excitement running.
That evening, Bennett did ask if we could research his new teacher a bit (ie: stalk the poor woman on Facebook and Pinterest).  I suggested we just ask the neighbors.  He did, and Madilyn eased his anxiety a bit, when she told him that Mrs. Fritz was HER teacher in first grade, and she was pretty awesome. 

I refrained from my motherly, "I told you so!"s. 

Can't believe the boy is going into first grade.  Seems like yesterday he was at preschool screening, telling the teacher his B words (which, in case you forgot, were "bras" & "beer").

Sunday, August 18, 2013

After a recent conversation with T, Harper asked where Lulu was - to which I explained that Lola was still in T's tummy.  Harper got really big eyes, and said, "But, how big is T's tummy, Mommy?"  Ever being the teacher, I replied, "How big do you think it is?"
"Ooof.  Probably about this big!!"

Where's the Yellow Brick Road??

Apparently, we are trying to cram a summer of lake time into just a few weeks, because as soon as we got home from Little Detroit (literally, we just walked our suitcases across the yard), we packed up the minivan
and drove to Grand Rapids, MN!  Home of Judy Garland and Mr. and Mrs. Statsick!  Boo and I often compare our time at the lakes, and I was super excited to get to experience her version of "the lake".  Gotta say, while TTH is 'tiny and tranquil' the Statsick cottage is anything but...

There is room for everyone, and everyone is anywhere from 10-50 people at a given time.  There is food always being prepared or served or cleaned up, and children running all around, and toys, and booze, and laughter...  It was the epitome of crazy family fun.  Several times during our weekend stay, I just sat back and took in the enormity of the Statsick crew - and the feeling of belonging.  No one questioned where we came from, why we were there, or when we were leaving, and everyone treated us just like family.  (Who knows, maybe they thought we were family, because there are just so many of them!!)

It made me miss the summer that was slipping away, and also contemplate having more children so we could fill our lake house up one day...  I'm hoping we behaved well enough to earn an invite for next season.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Week at the Beach

 Prose Family Photo Diary - August 12-16 - Best "Week" Ever

Cheers to a week of crazy good fun times!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

As the date of Lola approaches, our conversations get weirder and weirder...  This baby had better hurry up.

Monday, August 12, 2013


One day.  I went in to school for one entire (summer time hours) day, and this is what I got accomplished.  One bulletin board.  Thank goodness I still have some time to mentally prepare for my professional schedule.  Argh.  Let's go to the lake.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mississippi River Nature Fest

Laura lives behind us, and she is often outside during the summer days working in her yard, playing with the kids, or tending the garden.  The other day, as I was puttering around, she told me about the incredible Mississippi River Nature Fest, and how the kids would love it, and I should bring them  to check it out.  (ok, so maybe Laura doesn't know me that well...)  The thought of packing up the kids, and driving to some nature reserve to walk around and investigae wild life stuff, was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do.  I intended to use my favorite parenting strategy "The Omission", and continue on with our day.  Unfortunatley, I didn't share this strategy, and Laura and Max asked Bennett if we were going out to the festival.

Bennett heard "festival" and the decision was made.  I packed up the kids and headed out to the Mississippi River Nature Fest.  And - It. Was. Awesome.

 There were various stations set up, for kids to experience all kinds of out-doorsy activities.  Bennett was in heaven, and Harper was happy to run around in the grass.  It was very hands-on, and totally FREE!

 Harper did tell me that "princesses don't don't like this stuff",  and I'm pretty sure she would have been fine staying home and dancing around in our little backyard.

 But, the prince enjoyed this big backyard, and I promise to tell Laura "thank you!" next time we chat.  We will go back, and I won't roll my eyes at the next suggestion of a nature festival.  ok, maybe I will - just a little.  The things we do for our kids...