Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i finally made it to my 18 month check up - at 20 months. i kept putting it off, but really, i had nothing to worry about. here are my most recent stats:

weight 23.5 lbs
height 34 1/4 inches

that puts me in the 20% for weight and (drum roll please...) 80% for height!!! yes, i am finally catching up to my full-term peers. doc denise was very pleased with my growth, especially considering at my last check i was in the 2% and 3%. mommy talked about her 2 'concerns'. 1) i don't eat very much 2) when i get really mad, i can hold my breath until i fall over/turn blue. i have only flopped over limp 2 times, but that is enough to give my mommy a heart attack. doc denise told mommy i was 'totally normal'. she smiled at me, and said "oh - your one of those boys..." and told my mommy i should grow out of my tantrums - hopefully before kindergarten. mommy was skeptical, because she is certain i get this behavior from daddy.

so, all is well in the growth department. i also am right on track for speech and motor development. i showed off by telling the doc all my body parts and animal sounds. of course, i had a shot. i was very brave - and did scream at the nurse. (i didn't pass out, however.) she, in turn, blew some bubbles at me, and all was right in the world again.
peace out.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

please send your love

beaux and family need a little extra love these days. beaux's grandpa thyen died last week, and everyone is mourning the loss. please send your love and good vibes to beaux, andy, cort and family. we are all thinking of them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

family pictures

on sunday, we had our family pictures taken. our friends, doug and tamara drove a long way to take our pics. we had a wonderful time spending the afternoon at munsinger gardens and the splash park. doug and tamara are excellent photographers. they were amazing with bennett, very patient and kind. they had so many ideas for us, and we tried to take direction well. if you are in need of photographers - please check them out!