Monday, July 29, 2013

You got it, Dude.

I want to do a project.  Just with Daddy. 

It's coming along, Little Lo...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

We haven't gotten to the lake nearly as much as we would like...  But after a few days at the fair, and several visits with the Great Ones,

 we made a pit-stop at West Lake Drive.  Grampy bought a new pontoon, and it is quite the ride.  Super fancy, with gold accents and purple mood lighting on the floor.  Colie spent the weekend with us, and the sun shined upon us.  

 Nicole Marie and Harper Nicole took a liking to each other this weekend.  They even kinda look alike, you would have to agree.  However, Nicole Marie and Bennett Daniel tend to act alike.

Sitting on the dock...  one of the best places on earth.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

Every year, the kids and I make the trek home for the Marshall County Fair.  And, every year, Dad and his cronies from Bremer Bank have - by far -  the best float of the kick-off parade. (I always think "This is it.  They are totally going to win first prize!")  Bennett participated in the parade last year, as Toy Story's, "Andy". Remember the broken arm, Phil??  This year, Harper was invited to join, and it was right up her sparkly alley, because Grampy was going to be a Disney Princess!!

Yep, once again, Dad was donning a dress for the parade.  Disney Characters were the theme, and those Bremer people will not let their costumers down.  Pretty sure, Dad wanted to go out with a bang, as this was his last official, unofficial parade.  Shhhhhh.... he's going to retire!

Harper decided to opt out of walking the actual parade route, but she did quickly run up to Grampy once she spotted his bright yellow dress. 

The parade was a huge success, and Dad can finally retire with the first place ribbon and Bremer so rightfully deserves.  The rest of the weekend was filled with my favorite Warren peeps and fair food, and games, and fair food, and more games. 

I'm not sure how Darrel's reign on the parade will compare.  I guess we will just have to show up next year, and see...  Maybe the new Mr. President can hire Dad for a small consultation fee...

Sunday, July 21, 2013


The best part of TTH is the swing - I'm pretty sure everyone would agree that watching the Caveman and the Boy on this swing was a major highlight.  Matt has a way of making us laugh until we think we may die - or pee our pants.  Watching him swing Bennett, catch and release and insert "tarzan" yells was nothing short of hilarious.


Hi, ho, hi ho, it's to TTH we go!  The entire way to TTH, B and H thought we were going to Prince Albert Street.  Bennett just couldn't understand why we needed to bring his fishing pole to Saint Paul.  Once I figured out they had the Jacobson residences confused, I informed them that we were going to the tiny house (right by PUNKY!), then they got super excited.  Not that they are not excited about our state capital, but TTH has a rope swing!

Upon entering the clearning, it's apparent that TTH is anything but 'tiny'.  While the actual house is a bit small, the energy is anything but...  Not to be a super duper cheese ball, but "tranquil" is the best adjective. 

Andy had to work, but Matt was in full parenting mode.  He fished, and cooked, and made sure the kids didn't drown. 

The Tiny House slept the Mr., Mrs. and dog.  There will be room for a babe.  The Proses filled up the Caveman Camper.  For some reason, I have no pics of our residence or of T and me...  Apparently, the scenery stole the show. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

While Kylee and I were sweating our butts off during the sale of the century, Andy promised to take some time off work and help.  I knew something was up, when he came home with a truck full of wood.  He was pretty certain Kylee and I could handle the sale, and he would be around if we needed help, but he was going to make Bennett's loft bed.  We have been talking about lofting B's bed for awhile, and Andy even looked at some plans (like real plans, with measurements).  AP's was pretty certain he could bust that bed out in a day.

 And, of course he did.  With a coat of paint on the walls (grey, of course) and a beautiful blue on the loft, we were on the way to mission accomplished.

 This was the first room, that Andy and I did without our designer available to physically participate.  That doesn't mean T wasn't available virtually, but the shopping and accessorizing and art creating was our responsibility.  We got the room done, and Bennett loves it.  It makes his room much more functional, and the space is useable. 

 The boy now says, "Mom, can I go and read in my room?"  Ummmm, yeah.

The Sale of the Century

I decided that I wanted to have a garage sale, and I asked Kylee to join me.  She, of course, was game to participate.  I thought this would be a great way to force me to go through all the bags and bags of kids' clothes in our basement.  Also, it would force me to organize some toys and closets of junk.  I was hoping the purge would begin in the spring (when I had this bright idea), but it began July 01.  I also wanted to have a "FREE" garage sale, but Ricky convinced me otherwise. 

My first red flag should have been when I realized how many actual bags of clothes we had.  My second red flag should have been when I decided to keep all the girl clothes for T.  The third red flag should have been the forecast for our sale - 100+ degrees and super high humidity.  Apparently, I'm not very skilled at noticing gigantic, waving, red flags.

We started our day with a strategic planning session.  We knew the weather was going to be a scorcher, so we decided it was best to stay hydrated.

 Then, came prepping the yard with all our goods.  We had something for everyone - tables and chairs, and baby strollers, and seats, and toys, and skiis, and speakers and tvs and BEAVER BOOTS. (no joke.  size 9/5) We also stocked a huge cooler with bottled water and the freezer full of freezies.

 Kylee operated the money station, and for 3 days (well, really 2 and a half) we sold our worldly possessions.
 In the end, I think I made $275.  Which I spent the next day at the Marshall County Fair.