Friday, July 27, 2012

The Best Ice Cream in Minnesota

I don't even know what the place is called, other than, "The Best Ice Cream Place in Minnesota".  Fortunately, it's on the way to (and from) the lake.  We love to stop in Motley, and browse the antiques and have a treat.  The selection of hard ice cream changes often, and they give out free kid cones!

  Did I mention they have a rocket ship??
We made one final stop before back surgery #2.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Say What???

The last weekend in July was pretty memorable.  First, it was T's pioneer voyage to the Safar Family Homestead.  Why it took so long is beyond me, but it was awesome to finally share the farm with our beloved, T.  She was given a grand tour of The Land by the owner - with the ninja and the gnome not far behind.

And, then, Bennett fell off the hanging bars.

Say what?? Bennett fell off the hanging bars.  He didn't cry (but he did go awfully pale).  He said his arm hurt, so it was iced and he was given a dose of Tylenol. Then, it was off to the MARSHAL COUNTY FAIR! Holla!  Who could miss the even of the summer?  Bennett had is first ever parade participant duties to fullfill as "Andy" on the Bremer (Toy Story inspired) float.

Bennett rode the parade route with Grampy, and with his good arm, threw out stuffed animals to the spectators.  The rest of the crew anxiously awaited the arrival of Buzz, Woody and Andy.

After the parade dwindled down to the last of the tractors and trucks, it was time for games, and food!!  Bennett was still not using his left arm, and it was swollen.  Gloria told us to go to the ER and get it checked out.  Sheila told us to go to the ER and get it check out.  Grammy and Nae nodded their heads in agreement.  T looked at me like "What are you gonna do, Mama?".  I asked Phil, a certified ambulance guy assess the situation.  Phil said it was a bad sprain, and to ice it and give Bennett Tylenol before bed.  Gloria whispered in my ear, "If he wakes up in the middle of the night because it hurts so bad, I'd bring him in."

notice the lack of use in the boy's right arm
 He woke up four times that night.

 And, I brought him in.  Bennett fell off the hanging bars and broke both bones in his right arm.
The care provided in Warren was exceptional.  Not to mention, our ultra sound technician was my dear  friend, Rachel.  Bennett was given a hard splint, and some a sling and sent home with the order to see an orthopedic surgeon in Sartell.
 Andy always said, "What are you gonna do when he breaks an arm???" Well, apparently, I'm going to wait a day and see...

Monday, July 16, 2012

hmmmm, what should we do?

One place I hate going to is the grocery.  I don't know why, but I have always had an aversion to that type of store.  So, when T and I discussed the possibility of making freezer meals - I was all for it, because I was fairly certain that this would eliminate a trip or two to that dreaded location.

So we shopped at 2 seperate stores (I know - painful.) and prepped meals on the first night.  When I say "prepped" I really mean "put the groceries away and drank wine spritzers".  Day Two was our official cooking day - and we did just that, making salmon burgers, parmesan garlic chicken, italian turkey meatloaf, fish tacos, spicy peanut chicken, sesame chicken, and breakfast strudel.

After all that work, we decided to go to the lake and relax.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Minus One Plus One

The Posse Rides again!!  Well, almost, kinda.  We were minus one plus one the second weekend in July.  We celebrated Charolotte's number 2 in Detroit Lakes with the Cariveau Crew and Ingrid and the boys.  It was an awesome weekend, and this was only the beginning...

We bopped from Big Floyd to Little Detriot, and spent a good portion of the day on Grampy's new jetski!  Which may just be the best purchase of the summer!

 I miss my friends.