Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday that felt like Saturday was BUSY. We began with the breakfast of champions

And then worked in the house dismantling the bunk,

continued in the yard trimming bushes and stumps,

headed to Mom's classroom to unload the boxes of materials,

and finally wings were requested for supper
and Cherry Berry for dessert. At 7pm it was time to snuggle in for the "Sandlot 2" and I'm guessing soon everyone will look like Daddio.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A beautiful day spilled into a beautiful evening. AP came home early for a pool party and we met our new neighbors and friends. Dr. Denise moved 2 houses down, and has 3 perfect kids of ideal age. It was one of those nights that ended with hide and go seek and a battle of flashlight tag. It was around 11pm, when the Littles finally found their beds and sleep.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last night of summer ball for #10.  Bennett plays hard every week, and this final evening was no different.  He had 4 solid hits (after taking some batting advice from his mother - for real!) and 1 strike out.  He had the opportunity to play right field, pitcher and short stop.  Bennett plays ball like he does everything else - serious and engaged and following every single rule.  He listens to his coaches, and immediately puts their advice into practice.  He improved a lot over the summer - a huge "thanks" to the volunteer coaches.

My second favorite quote of the evening.  "Mom, how much do you like to watch me play?" (tons, buddy.  tons.)  And the number one statement being "Mommy, I don't want to play football.  Just baseball and basketball and maybe track." (Thank you, Jesus.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lazy hazy summer mornings this week.  Mama has been battling a summer cold - and with achy body and barely a whisper of a voice - the kiddos have grown accustom to rolling from their respective bed into mine.  It is moments like this I smile and think "they really love each other" and then think "this photo will be perfect for the graduation picture collage".

Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh the things we do for our kids - the completely ridiculous things - like crack sunflower seeds and line them up on a straight line for the girl to eat like a teeny, tiny squirrel.

Not once.  Not twice.  But continuously - FOR TWO HOURS.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ever since the basement carpet arrived, Bennett has been itching to get going on his new room.  First up, was painted my beloved peacock walls.  I did my best to convince him to keep the amazing blue, but he was certain he wanted grey walls. (what have we created?!!?!)  So finding some primer in storage, the kids and I painted over the peacock. (insert tears) With all the help from the kids, it took us about 2 hours for one coat, and 30 additional minutes to clean them and the floor...

The rest just fell into place over the next few days.  We transferred a bunch of stuff from his "old" room down to the basement, and only had to purchase new bedding (which Bennett selected, and it was on super sale!!) and we just couldn't leave the sweet bike vibe wall hanging at the store, so that came home with us, too.

 Bennett loves his new "big kid" room - and he is just that.  This summer, I have watched him grow up so much - just like  his Scorpio father - Bennett is thoughtful and sweet and smart.  He is care giver to his sister, and mama - always answering a question with a question, and trying to do what others would want.  Usually up first, he will come check on everyone and bring Harper milk and breakfast. (He would probably bring me coffee, but he is also extremely cautious - and as you know, that pot can get very hot.)

Of course, there are those moments of unending contradiction and chatter, that at times make me think I may lose my mind - but now that his room is in the basement, I can send him there - and not hear a sound.

Last week, Harper received a birthday invitation from her friend, Kinzie Cutie.  She was so excited - jumping up and down and clapping and spinning around.  Immediately, she picked out her outfit and a few shoe options (which made me giggle).  We put it on the calendar, and each night counted the sleeps until "MY PARTY!!!!".  Last night, was the eve of Kinzie's birthday party, and it was also when reality set in and Harper decided she wasn't going to go.  Well, she would go if Mama went and stayed the entire time.  I explained that was not going to happen, and we would talk about it in the morning.  And, I got a little teary as I listened to my sweet baby cry herself to sleep, as Andy tried to convince me that she was over tired and would be fine in the morning.

Morning arrived and Harper had not changed her mind.  I snuggled up with her, and we had a little talk - and made a list.

Reasons NOT to go you the party: leaving mama
Reasons TO go to the party:  checking out Kinzie's house, cake, presents, friends, dance party, gift bag, and checking out Kinzie's house (yep, this made the list twice)...

Then, I taught Harps some "get the worries out" breathing techniques (that I had googled the previous night at 3am, while I was up with worry).  Together, we breathed in through our noses and then we breathed all the worries out through our mouth.  We did that a few times, and after the suggestion of curling her hair like Grammy does - Harper was all ready to get dressed.

 Harper had the best time at her bestie's birthday.  There were no tears that  had me cringing at drop off, just the screams as "HARPIE!!!" as we entered the house.

The party ended at 3pm, and H talked the entire four minute drive home.  It was the best party EVER and she wanted to stay longer.  She did not have to use our get-the-worry-out breathing technique at all.  She ran up the stairs, and before I could get up there with some milk and a snack...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bennett is obsessed with Youtube videos.  Usually, he spends some time with "Good Mythical Morning" guys, and then just peruses around learning how to do magic tricks or pranks or weird body noises...  Lately, it's been woodworking - and is most recent project was a Ping Pong Shooter.  He completed the project mostly on his own - just using Daddy's expertise with some of the measuring and cutting.  I was impressed with this one.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bennett has been begging to get his hair cut.  He knows it is time when he can see his bangs (without using a mirror), and he's been seeing them over his eyebrows for over a week.  Finally, he got his cut (and even bigger score, a nice customer gave us a coupon!). Bennett went short, and is looking pretty fly. 
As usual, we tried to convince Harps to get a trim.  As usual, she refused - claiming "only Jennifer!!!" can cut her locks.  Unfortunately, darling Jennifer is moving away, has a 6yo, an 8 mo, AND is pregnant.  Pretty sure scheduling a cut for Harper isn't high on her priority list.  That being said - Harper was not willing to allow anyone but Jennifer to cut her hair.  Until Bennett suggested that Mommy could do it...
To which Harper said "yeah!!!"  B tried to then convince the girl that I really don't know how to cut hair. Telling her that you have to go to school and stuff to cut hair. H responded, "Really, Bennett?!?!? Of course she can do it."
Of course, I can.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Andy took the day off, and we were determined to get the cowboy room complete - or at least half of it.  With the purchase of (yet another) Craigslist deal of the century - we picked up a sofa and ottoman - complete with tons of storage.  And, after the gong show of actually getting the furniture down the stairs - without yelling at each other or puncturing any of the walls - we begin the assembly of our latest living quarters.  The fireplace was painted, lamp put together, skull and artwork hung on the walls.  The TV was mounted and everything put into place.  The addition of some cowhide pillows and a soft throw - and half the room was complete.  (other side will be reading nook and art station - stay tuned...) 
It feels like this space adds so much square footage to our house - and the kids settled right it.  I see lots of naps, and movies and books read on that couch.