Thursday, July 2, 2015

The kids and I went to my new employer's District Office to drop off a bunch of paperwork.  Already, there are some pretty major perks to working for ISD 748.

       1) Family insurance will cost me $80/month.  This is with a $3500 deductible, and the district puts $3500 in an HSA account to cover the cost of the premium.  Comparing this to insurance in Milaca - which families pay close to $1000/month (seriously), and have a deductible that is double.
       2) I received a teacher issued laptop AND iPad (promising to use it responsibly, of course.)
       3) I went to work twice today, and brought the kids each time.  While I worked, they played on the "Super Greatest American Ninja Training Ground" playground.

       4) Total commute time - for TWO round trips - a total of 7 minutes.  This maybe should be number one...

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