Monday, July 20, 2015

This evening, Harper Nicole lost her sh%# due to a sliver in her heel. It was pretty good sized, and it "huuurrrrrttttt!!!". I knew what needed to be done, andy knew what needed to be done, and as I walked toward Harper with a tweezer in hand - she knew what needed to be done. It was at this moment that she lost her mind.

As andy tried to console the patient, I am pretty sure I said -  in a complete monotone voice - "just hold her down, please". And that's when the girl took the deepest breath possible and let out a I'm-in-a-horror-movie-and-will-be-next-to-die scream. I would have laughed at the dramatics, if I wasn't so stunned by the decibel level.

Alas, I had to continue the procedure and as she got ready for another breath and andy looked at me like "hurry up!!!" As Harper was nearing the end of her third scream, I almost had andy shut the windows - certain the police would be arriving soon.

The entire process took about 3 minutes, and no blood was shed. Even though a bandage was applied and lots of snuggles given.  Based on this situation, I can't even begin to imagine if she slams her finger in the door or falls off her bike or ...

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