Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday was a quintessential summer day - 80*, puffy white clouds, slight western breeze. It was a perfect day to... Take a tour of eastern WI and western MN.  We quickly ate our campfire egg sammies, and packed our tiny gear for the first leg.
Upon arriving at the 3000 acre farmstead, we picked up our craigslist find (who knew we could fit a fireplace in the truck with all our stuff?? Master packing.), and continued on.
Making a pit atop at the river, we had burgers for lunch and AP built his mama a platform for her washing machine. We chatted the afternoon away, and after raiding Papa's garden, we began the final leg of our journey.
Everyone was exhausted, and I drove in complete silence for the final 90 minutes. (Thumbs up!)

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