Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ever since the basement carpet arrived, Bennett has been itching to get going on his new room.  First up, was painted my beloved peacock walls.  I did my best to convince him to keep the amazing blue, but he was certain he wanted grey walls. (what have we created?!!?!)  So finding some primer in storage, the kids and I painted over the peacock. (insert tears) With all the help from the kids, it took us about 2 hours for one coat, and 30 additional minutes to clean them and the floor...

The rest just fell into place over the next few days.  We transferred a bunch of stuff from his "old" room down to the basement, and only had to purchase new bedding (which Bennett selected, and it was on super sale!!) and we just couldn't leave the sweet bike vibe wall hanging at the store, so that came home with us, too.

 Bennett loves his new "big kid" room - and he is just that.  This summer, I have watched him grow up so much - just like  his Scorpio father - Bennett is thoughtful and sweet and smart.  He is care giver to his sister, and mama - always answering a question with a question, and trying to do what others would want.  Usually up first, he will come check on everyone and bring Harper milk and breakfast. (He would probably bring me coffee, but he is also extremely cautious - and as you know, that pot can get very hot.)

Of course, there are those moments of unending contradiction and chatter, that at times make me think I may lose my mind - but now that his room is in the basement, I can send him there - and not hear a sound.

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