Tuesday, September 16, 2008

happy birthday, papa!

happy birthday, papa!! today is my papa's birthday, and last weekend, we went to celebrate with grandma and papa. we had papa's favorite; strawberry shortcake w/ freshly made whip cream
(strange but true - this is papa AND grandpa's favorite) papa needed a bigger cake, because it was about 50 candles too short.
after about 15 minutes, ella and i decided "visiting" was much too boring. grandma R busted out the playdough for us. ella busied herself by makes various shapes, and telling mommy and auntie amy what they were. she made dogs, bunnies, circles, stars, snowmen, and triangles. she knew all their colors and shapes. i, of course, know all my colors and shapes, but i couldn't tell mommy because my mouth was full of playdough each time she asked.
after we tired of playdough, i sat down to give gracie some much needed attention. i read her my favorite book about trains. she is a good listener.
so, if you see my papa today, please tell him happy birthday! xoxo

Monday, September 1, 2008

that's me

you all know how fashionable my grandma jane is. i have found that she has the best accessories, so i borrowed (for ever) her purple headband. i wear it EVERYWHERE, much to my daddy's delight. but, i have to add my own bit of style so i wear it like this...
when mommy and i were at the farmers market, i started dancing in front of one of the street musicians. this guy was really good, and i was getting into it - showing off my sick moves. i, of course, had on my purple head-band. in the heat of the moment, i hiked up my blue shorts (so my diaper was sticking out all over), tapped my foot and stuck my butt out. i was creating quite the stir, and a crowd was gathering. one of my fans came up to mommy and said, "well, he is quite the odd duck, isn't he?" i only have one thing to say to that lady...
quack. quack.