Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do Not Assume.

Being an elementary school teacher, people often assume that I am at home doing "educational" things with my children each night.   However, more often than not, the most educational activity (at home) is catching a few minutes of the latest "Diego" episode.  Thank goodness for Ms. Kelli's School of Pre.

Bennett Daniel Prose
Age 4
January 20, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Over the River

...and through the prairie.  Next, we traveled to Grammy and Grampy's farm.  It's a long drive.  A very long drive.  However, the kids did great.   Thank goodness for Colie.  Bennett did not want to watch a movie on the way, he wanted to talk.  For FOUR hours, he just wanted to chat.

  We stayed for a few days, and even AP made it this year.  (Shhhh - he thinks he travels to the farm every year for Christmas.  Don't try to tell him that 2010 officially marked year number two.)

 Bennett is the perfect age for Christmas.  Everything is so magical.  He believes, and he believes hard.  Harper's first Christmas was pretty magical, as well, especially when she had her fairy god mother to snuggle with. 

My camera made it just under 24 hours, before the battery died.  So, quick summary - Santa came, and he left a note.  The Great Ones are just that - pretty Great.  The Cariveau Crew are our best friends for many reasons, but the top being the ability to play upstairs and drink wine during the day.  We are the luckiest kids ever.

Ho Ho Ho.  Here's to a 2011 full of total awesomeness.  

Christmas 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree.  Oh, Christmas Tree.

Yes, I know.  It's January.  The Christmas tree has long been recycled.  However, the Prose house is still high on Christmas spirit.  Like Bennett's birthday, Christmas lasted about a month.  We started with Prose Family Christmas on the river.  We had a lovely meal (with green jell-o, of course).  Somehow, the kids managed to eat right next to the massive tree, and enormous pile of gifts.  Then, the chaos ensued.  So much fun.  Unfortunately, Harps was battling a double ear infection, and was only up for a small part of the celebration.

 I know exactly what you are thinking...  These two look nothing alike.

No.  Bennett did not get a snowmobile.  But - Noah did!!