Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm a pretty lucky 7 year old...

 yes, yes you are.

Let's BOWL!!!!

 Bennett chose bowling for his birthday, and it was a brilliant idea!!  You invite your friends, they show up to the bowling alley and the people working to all the work!  Bennett invited 7 friends to his 7th birthday, and they had so much fun.  I would highly recommend this type of party - early in the day - as a nap will be necessary.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good, happy birthday morning, sweet, Bennett. 

I sometimes forget you are not this little, anymore.
Let's bowl, baby.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Risk-takers, that's what we are.

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule our October family photo shoot with Guy (who then went on a photography safari -literally- for 3 weeks!! Which is a super duper cool experience, but it pushed availability back a bit.) So working with 3 calendars, two of which are incredibly busy business men, we decided to do it.  We knew it was a risky idea, but we like to be risky.  So... We scheduled the photo shoot on November 9th at 9am, and Bennett's SEVENTH birthday party on November 9th, at 1pm.  Then, we prayed for the best...
The evening before her debut, H tried on her polka dots and chucks, and practiced her moves.  And, does that girl have moves - pretty sure she gets them from me.
The day of the shoot, the weather was cold.  Cold and  windy.  It was not very conducive for the out-door photos we were hoping for.  But, we did our best.  Everyone except The Gnome - shocker - who did her best to avoid all outside options.  Bennett was his curious, witty self, and AP and I shared smile when we stopped at "our alley" for a few pics.
 Guy Magno is awesome.  Like so awesome, I want to get married again so he can shoot our wedding, or have another baby so he can take pics.  But, those things were not in my latest card reading, so I will have to just book a seasonal family photo session - in the summer!

Aside note: in all seriousness - if you are getting married, or pregnant, or have a family or a dog, or anything cool that needs to be documented.  Check this Guy out.  pun intended.