Saturday, August 30, 2014


Ms. Prose will take her 30 fourth graders on a roadtrip this year!  Thank goodness she has years of experience.

Friday, August 29, 2014

 Dad has found tons of treasures as he has been moving and cleaning out years - dare I say "decades"?? - of stuff.  While I have declined the offer to take home the majority of these treasures, one thing I gladly accepted was the vintage bicycles.  Mom and Dad rode these Schwinns all around the city of St. Peter, when they were first married.  After a quick tune up at the bike shop, we were ready for the maiden voyage - taking to the bike path Sartell.

 And, what better location than the Bowling Alley?? 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School Night

Bennett Daniel Prose - Grade 2 - Mr. Putz

Saturday, August 23, 2014

School Clothes & Cribbage

Best combo ever - especially when you add the location of lovely Rose Lake.  Mom took the kids - individually - to do the yearly school clothes shopping adventure.  It included a stop at the dollar store and the ice cream shop.  Nicole and Andy helped Dad load some sand on the beach, and I youtubed videos on how to play cribbage.  Everyone has a role, and we play it well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Meet our new friend, Stacey.  She arrives each Tuesday for guitar lessons, and while Adam and B practice their 5 string songs, this picture pretty much sums up how everyone else spends their time.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to the 'burbs

The Jacobson females finally made it back to the 'burbs!! It was beautiful and the pool was open for business.  The sun shined brightly, and Mama J was able to float while

 Harper spent some time with her "baby best friend" and
Bennett explained to Lo the importance of brushing your teeth.  I can only imagine the other things the Prose children will teach this little bug...

Friday, August 15, 2014

With only a few more days left before I get paid to go to work, the last week has been filled with exactly what summer should be...  the pool, projects and pumping.

It was like a miracle.  Harper learned to pump on the swing, and our whole world changed.  We (literally) spent the entire summer pushing that little bug on the swing.  She is so persuasive, and rather hard to resist - so the cries of "Puuuuulleeeeaaaasssssseeee push me, MOOOOMMMMMYY" always resulted in me standing behind the swing, pushing her little rump, listening to her songs of the day. 

Then one day, like hitting the jackpot in the lottery and all the stars aligning at once, it just happened. 

The Lemonade Stand

We all know that Bennett has a whole lot of Andy in him, and being a savvy businessman is just one of those similar traits.  So, B had this idea...  He loves our sweet Ella, and wanted to raise some coin to support JDRF - the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  So, the lemonade stand was created one warm August day.

Bennett gathered the necessary materials, prepared signage and practiced what he would say to costumers.  We set up at the end of our street, because he knew there was more traffic.  He brought down music, so Harper could dance - and bring in more costumers?? 

 He spoke kindly to each passerby, and told them of his cause.  I was surprised how many cars drove by and simply donated to the stand - no lemonade necessary.  And, almost every single person left a "tip".  At the end of Day 1,  the stand was open 3.5 hours. Bennett had earned $56, over half way to his $100 goal.
This entire process made Andy and me incredibly proud.  Not once, did Bennett even mention keeping the money for himself.  He made a plan, set a goal and was determined to raise money to help find a cure.  

 So determined, in fact, on Day 2 Bennett was out and ready at the corner by 8am.  It was a beautiful, warm Saturday.  Much of the neighborhood had left for the weekend, or already stopped by the stand.  Business was much slower than Friday afternoon, yet Bennett intended to reach is $100 goal.

We took a break for lunch and a rest.  Before the second shift began, Bennett ran to get the mail.  Sitting in the mailbox, was an envelope.  The outside read, "I missed you at the stand, and want to support your cause.  Good work, Kid!"  it was signed, "A Friend".  This friend not only donated $50, but it was enough to put Bennett over his goal!  He was so excited - and very curious...

Of course, I shared the pics and story on Facebook.  Gotta love the power of social media - because not only did we get an anonymous donation from a friend, we got snail-mail donations from people we know and love!!  A huge thanks to T, and Sheila and the Grands.  With all those mailbox surprises, B crushed his goal.
That weekend, we were able to see Ella, and give her the collection.  She beamed.  While this experience was so memorable for us, and such an incredible lesson on character, I really hope we don't need to have many more stands for JDRF.  Hopefully very soon, we will have a cure.