Friday, May 15, 2009

I survived a parenting milestone this week. Bennett had the stomach flu, and no one told me that 2 year olds DON'T throw up in buckets!! Andy was working, so unfortunately, he missed this lovely evening. I will spare you the details.

The morning after, Bennett told Daddy all about his experience. "Morning, Daddy. I threw up. I threw up in my bed, and on the rug, and on my blankie, and in the kitchen, and in mommy's bed. I didn't throw up my bucket. I don't like my bucket."

I am grateful for two reasons. This is the first time B has ever been sick like that, AND he is feeling much better. He is even back to practicing his break dancing. See above (if you listen carefully, you will be able to hear the song is he dancing to. "low rider" is his current favorite hit.)

Friday, May 1, 2009

big boy

i know a lot of you are thinking, "what happened to that little baby?" i know my mom was when she took the pic of me in my basketball uniform. i am officially a toddler, no longer a baby. that means, NO whining, NO using my hands to eat, NO sticking out my lower lip to get what i want, and NO MORE CRIB. yep. you read correctly. i got my self a regular big boy bed.

as you can see, it is a captain's bed, so it is a little high off the ground. i need a stool to crawl up, and quite honestly, i didn't think i could get down by myself. the first night, i slept like a champ, and in the morning called for mom. "mommy!!! good morning!!! come get B out of the big boy bed, please!!!" now, mom and dad were thinking they were pretty smart, because i was not getting out of bed myself. but, you know what they say about that falling apple... i'm no dim bulb.

last night, i learned how to slide down, and creep down the hall, just to check and see what mommy was doing. i thought it was a great game. however, mommy just kept putting me back to bed. when daddy got home, she told him that she just "super nanny-ed" my butt and it eventually worked. so much for that game... but, i'm pretty sure i will give it one more shot...