Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Best

 The bunny arrived early this morning, and Bennett was certain that his would be in some sort of water vessel.  The elephant memory reminded him that every year his basket had been near water - in the tub, in the laundry sink, in the washing machine...  But, he was wrong!!  Bennett found his basket behind the curtains in our bedroom and Harper found her's under the hanging clothes in the laundry room!
 After we discovered all the treats, the kids got dressed in their Easter best.  Harper is always much more excited about this, and she begged me to take her picture - and again! - and how about like this? - and one with Bennett?

 We traveled to the river, to feast with Papa and Grandma and The Matt Prose Family.  It turned out to be a pretty beautiful day, and we were able to play outside, and find more candy!

 When we got home that afternoon, the little peeps just wanted to stay outside - and, who can say I blame them?  We biked and painted our flower twirlywhirl, and created with chalk...
 "Hey, Daddy.  Let's make Mommy's eyeball, ok?  OKAY, DADDY?"

The Dyeing of the Eggs

After 13.1, I took a long hot bath, and put on my pajamas.  While the rain and wind made for crummy race conditions, it was perfect lazy Saturday afternoon conditions.  I wanted to lay in bed and watch TV, but was convinced to first dye some Easter Eggs.

 I wish I would have videotaped the conversation.  It was so typical Bennett and Harper.  Harper just wanted to throw glitter everywhere, and rub it all over her arms and cheeks.  She also made all her eggs pink, with only one purple one for me.  She insisted writing H's on all her eggs, and plopped them (a bit aggressively) into the cups.  She was over the whole activity in about 7 minutes.

 Bennett made sure each cup had the exact same amount of water, using a measuring cup.  He laid each of his eggs, single file, on a dishcloth.  Using an eyedropper, he created intricate "tie dye" patterns, starting over a time or two because it just wasn't quite right.  He discussed several options for complete egg covering.  He designed special eggS for his daddy.  After about 35 minutes, I told the boy it was about time to finish up.

These two crack me up.

13.1 is DONE!

In January,  I registered for the Earth Day Half Marathon.  April 19 seemed soooooo long away, and I felt good about weeks of training.  Twelve weeks, to be exact.  It was a bigger commitment than I thought.  Thank goodness Bennett and Harper are such good kids - and becoming pretty independent.  They played while I ran each day, and often they would come cheer me on as I plodded along in the basement.
April 19th crept up on us, and the morning of the race arrived, and I awoke to 25mph winds and white spots that signify strep throat.
 But, we did it, and just like the shirt says, "running sucks".  Two and a half hours later, Annie Belle and I crossed the finish line.  Anne could have left me in her dust, but she didn't.  It's a good ting, too - as I'm pretty sure I would have quit or cheated, had I been running it alone.

Check that off my bucket list.  (I don't have a bucket list - and if I did, I'm not actually sure this would be on it...) 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Big Show

Bennett has been preparing for his first grade concert for weeks.  He won't sing any of the songs, because he wants everything to be a surprise.  He has a part, but he won't tell us what it is - only the clue "great grandma would love it!!".  The evening of the concert, he was a ball of nervous energy, and wanted to leave 45 minutes early so we could sit in the front row.  We left 10 minutes early, and sat in row 2.

He was right.  Great Grandma would love it!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Harper's latest obsession is everything "Frozen".  She sings all the songs, does the dance moves and wants her hair in "one long to the side braid, please." 
 Bennett continues his 7 year obsession with his adult twin.

Friday, April 4, 2014

One of those days...

Do you ever have one of those days when you get home and just want to watch Wheel of Fortune?  You've had a long day at work.  You have answered aproximately 4,782 questions, and helped resolve more conflicts than you thought humanly possible.  You finally get home, and complete the homework, bath, supper routine, and you JUST WANT TO WATCH WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!

Yeah, good luck with that.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Future Plans

There's an app for everything, and Bennett is always shopping for the latest and greatest (free) app. His most current purchase is an app for scratching and spinning records, thus practicing his music mixing skills.

Bennett has a plan for his future. He is going to be a DJ, then go to college and become a scientist. He is fairly certain he can pay his way through school, with his mad mixing skills, and I can't help but think he's right.

Now, he just needs a sweet DJ name...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three Bears

WATERPARK!!!  I usually bellow this in my best Chris Farley voice.  Andy Prose and Bennett Prose love the waterpark, like LOVE it.  According to Andy, it's a family winter tradition, so he had to schedule the weekend at Brainerd before the snow melted!  (Which, this year, is likely going to be sometime in July.)  Just so happened, that the best weekend for the waterpark, was the last weekend of Spring Break.  So, Grampy and Grammy met AP in Motley, and he traveled to Brainerd,  Friday afternoon.  I left after work and joined the family at The Three Bears Waterpark.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.

Upon arrival at the park, I found that we had the "sweet" room, with a little bunk for the kids.  This was well worth the extra coinage.

 Friday and Saturday morning was spent running like crazy in the waterpark.  Bennett loved the slides and when the giant bucket of water dumped on the heads of innocent bystanders.  He ran from attraction to attraction, with little notion if anyone was actually paying any attention to him.  Harper was a bit more concerned with her own safety.  She had to have a hand (or better yet, two hands) to hold - no matter where she went.
By Saturday afternoon, every one was pretty much done.  There was a traumatic 90ish minutes of some water in the ears tantrum, but finally they gave in to the exhaustion and slept.