Monday, May 24, 2010

interview with a 3 year old

This interview was conducted on Sunday, May 23, 2010. Questions were administered by Gina Prose, answers developed by Bennett Prose.

GP: Good morning. Please state your full name.
BP: What?
GP: Your name. What's your name?
BP: Bennett Daniel Prose
GP: How old are you?
BP: Three! (showing 3 fingers)
GP: When is your birthday?
BP: November, but my next one is Friday.
GP: Interesting... Now, can you tell me some of your favorite things?
Color: Green and red
Food: Pizza
TV show: Sponge bob, but only with Daddy, 'cuz you don't like that show so much.
Book: That one firetruck book.
Game: That one firetruck game, the puzzle game that I only can do with Grampy.
Friend: Izzy and Jayda are my best friends, and they are both girls.
GP: Thank you! Next topic - mom's tummy. What's in there?
BP: A baby!
GP: When is the baby coming?
BP: In the summer, I think Friday.
GP: Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl?
BP: A girl.
GP: How big do you think she is?
BP: Ahhhh, about 2 lbs.
GP: Where will the baby live?
BP: In our house, maybe she can sleep in my bed.
GP: What will you do when the baby comes home?
BP: I will feed her, and change her diaper, and help her pick up her toys.
GP: Sounds good, sir. Thank you for talking with me. Do you have any final thoughts?
BP: What?
GP: Anything else you want to say?
BP: Is it time for the rockstar show now?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"How to Train Your Dragon" has been a hot topic around our house - especially when Bennett's favorite restaurant, "donald's" starting distributing model dragons with their meals. So, Andy and I asked Bennett if he wanted to go to the theater and watch the movie. Silly question.

We picked the earliest movie possible, and the adventure began. Bennett loved the comfy chairs, and popcorn, and candy. He did not love having to whisper, and actually stay in his seat. "We" lasted about 45 minutes - then had to bail. I think we would have made it through the entire movie if there would not have been 25 minutes of previews (which used to be my favorite part of the movie going experience).

When asked if he would like to go to another movie one day, Bennett replied, "Sure. When I'm five."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Master P

After a long, 2 year journey, I graduated with my master's degree last weekend. The past two years has been a life lesson in time management. I am so grateful for AP, and our parents, who often times helped w/ childcare, and the amazing friends who kept me sane during long weekends at class.

It was well worth it, but I am super excited to read for pleasure this summer, and not research!