Sunday, November 2, 2014

I finally convinced Andy to ditch cable - and we got an early Christmas present: APPLE TV, baby!!  Thanks, mom and dad!  One of the many super cool things about Apple TV is that you can watch youtube on the big screen - which means we can project our very favorite artist - and have some serious art parties.

If you never have - check out

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Harper has been begging to go to dance class.  So, I finally caved and signed her up for a "tiny tots" dance class.  She has been counting the days on the calendar, and the day after Halloween marked her first class.  She chatted the entire way to the studio.  She spoke about her dance teacher (who she hadn't met yet), the dance moves she would do (twirls are the prettiest) and the new tutu she would buy.  She skipped through the doors, and then stopped short.  You could see the uncertainty creep up  her eyes, as she saw all the people waiting for class.  She grabbed my hand.

Harper did go into the dance class studio.  She sat in a circle, and followed the direction of the instructor - for about 3 minutes.  It was heartbreaking to watch her hang her head in her hands and begin to cry.
I wanted to burst through those doors and scoop her up, but I just watched as she sobbed, and the teachers did their best to help her feel comfortable.  Little shy Harper wanted nothing to do with anyone, she just searched the glass windows for mama.  Finally, they brought her out, and I was able to hug her and dry those crocodile tears, as she buried her head in my neck.

We watched a bit of class, and I encouraged her to go back with the other dancers.  She just shook her head, and asked to go home.  As we left, she finally told me that there were just "too many friends there".  And, was back to her happy, dancing self - once we got into the safety of the car.

Later that day, she told me she was definitely going back to dance class - when she was seven.