Sunday, October 30, 2016

Harper first experience dance class was a sad sad attempt, and Harper decided that very day she just wasn't ready for a dance class - until she was seven.  or maybe even eight.  But we all know how much Harps has grown the last year, so when she brought home an invitation to a "bring a friend" to dance class from her new bestie, Keely - I thought just maybe there was a chance...  Especially considering that Keely's last name is Hurdt - from the one and only MRS. HURDT!!!  I LOVE MRS. HURDT SO MUCH!!!! I GIVE HER A HUG EVERY TIME I SEE HER!!! Hurdt family.  Yes, darling Keely is our beloved Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hurdt's daughter, and H's new friend.

Alas, Harper didn't even hesitate, and her eyes welled with tears and she said, "But, I'm not seven yet, Mama."  Alright, invitation politely declined.  But wait - there is another option!  Would Harper like to come watch Keely's dance recital?  Ummmmm - yes, please!  Sign us up!

Saturday afternoon, the girls jumped in the wagon and attended our very first dance show.  The auditorium was stuffed, but thankfully Mrs. Hurdt was able to save us some seats.  Harper loved seeing her favorite teacher on a Saturday, and sat attentively throughout all the performances.  She clapped and cheered, and whispered in my ear, "There's Keely, Mama!!  There she is!!  The one in white!  (They all were wearing white...)  And, she's gooooooooood.  I knew she would be, she goes to dance class."  (Ummm, yeah, Harps.)

It was super fun to see all the dancers, and I even recognized some students.  But the best part for H was holding Mrs. Hurdt's hand to find Keely after the show, and congratulating K for her impressive moves.
One the way home, we discussed how much fun we had and how talented the dancers were.  I asked Harper if she would like to be in a class with Keely  - even playing the "then we could hang out with Mrs. Hurdt all the time" card.  Her response was quick, "I don't think so.  But, we can go to all the shows and sit in the back!!"

Ok, Harps.  No "toddlers & tiaras" for you.
We usually get our pumpkins from Papa's Pumpkin Patch.  He is the best pumpkin farmer, but this year the weather didn't really cooperate.  That did not discourage us from a mini-road trip to The River, however!  Grandma and Papa had an alternative plan - let's just make a stop at the local Pine City Patch!  I added to that plan with - let's just carve the pumpkins at Grandma's house!   (I know what you're thinking... genius!)

It was a perfect plan, and we spent the day picking and carving and playing with our favorites.  Who, by the way, just got themselves an iPad connected to the world wide web!!  That means we can text and email - and they can read the blog!!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Sweet Gnomeo loves her stuffed animals, and her glitter and her pink pink pink.  She loves to play with my make-up and take care of her babies.  And, she loves to build and create.  Harper sat in the floor for hours this morning, tinkering away.
 And then, she put on her costume.
A Friday night out on the town - burgers, beavers, and a bit of chocolate.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Back to Rose - this time, with our besties in tow.  Finally, the ProJacs get to experience Rose together, and it didn't disappoint.  Family photo shoots, adventures on the golf cart, good food, scooter races, gun shooting, fires and games, (and a mouse or two...  eek!)
(I didn't steal your pumpkin design, T, but I definitely stole your above picture collage video.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ever have those days where you do your very best to stay above the line?  You try smile therapy, you turn the music up super duper loud and sing along, you hide in the bathroom for a few minutes of quiet time - and just nothing works?  And then, this shows up on your desk...
Thanks for the reminder, Universe.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

While Grammy and Grampy are traveling south down the Pacific Coast, we headed north up Hwy 10.  The boys had big plans to clear trails for hunting, and (I thought) the girls had big plans to watch movies and lounge on the big blue sofa.

We arrived at dusk, and had pizza and cocktails from the adult and kiddie categories.  Of course, there was the obligatory nature walk and cribbage, and an early bedtime.

The boys left before the sun came up, and my plans of being lazy were thwarted when Harper told me she wanted to make muffins then "GO ON AN OUTDOORSY ADVENTURE!!!" True story, that A) she yelled this request at me and B) the girl who never wants to get out from under the covers was the one suggesting we go on an adventure.

So, continuing on my campaign for Mom of the Year, we made muffins and prepared for our wilderness trek.  We headed to Maple Wood State Park, about 35 minutes from Rose Lake.  We hiked to the top of a mountain, and ran through the trails.  It was beautiful.  Like the hold your breath for a minute and then repeat "isn't this beautiful???" over and over type of beautiful.

This girl might just get me to be outdoorsy... (ok, probably not, but I truly don't mind playing along.)

I told Andy to be sure to document his adventure in the woods.  

They came home exhausted and hungry and happy.  They described their day as "great!!", while sharing a secret smile.  I heart Rose Lake so much, I think we will come back next weekend, too.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

What you've been waiting for....  Introducing...

The Academic:

The Outdoorsy:
 And the entire MorningStar Crew (one of the only years they will all be together in the same school)
Harper - Grade 1
Orrin - Kinder
Bennett - Grade 4
Mollie - Grade 2