Saturday, October 8, 2016

A beautiful, sunny, autumn Saturday, and everyone was excited for a family day of fun.  We had researched some local pumpkin patches & apple orchards, and decided to take the scenic route to Hidden Cove.  But, before the drive we had to get the oil changed, make a pit stop at the mall, drive to 3 stores looking for PEZ candy (don't ask...) and then waste some time at various stores along the way to wait out the rain showers.  Needless to say, by the time we arrived - the kids were starving, H needed a nap (and SOMEONE didn't bring her blanket), we had no cash and the only way for fresh apple cider was to have paper money.  Andy and I did our best to convince the Ninja and the Gnome that they were having tons of fun, and...  it didn't work.

Hence, the actual time spent at the orchard was about 12 minutes.  But, I did get a couple cute pics along the way, and the entire adventure was complete just in time to stop for lunch at a respectable time for drinking wine.

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