Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Leap Year 2012 brought the first snow day of the year.  I was up and showered by the time the ticker tape on WCCO showed the closure of Milaca Elementary.  I was not surprised, but excited by the day's potential.  What to do? What to do?

We began the day with Ben 10, Chuggington and Ms. Spider Sunny Patch.  When that got old, we put on some hats and hopped in the space ship.
 I put it off as long as possible (which was about 9am) and we hit the slopes.  Harper loves to go outside.  There are many days she cries as she looks out the window, and brings us her hat/coat/boots.  Today, was no different, until we actually got outside, then she cried about the snow.

The rest of the day was a blur of running and jumping and "Stop that, please!" and fruit snacks and finally some wine (finally = 3pm).  I'm pretty sure if I were a stay at home mom, I would attend meetings, of some sort.

Oak Ridge Boy

Look out class of 2025!!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Perch, please.

AP went fishing for a week, and I got to sleep with the boy. This was the only way I could stop him from crying every night for his beloved daddy. (This was sweet on the first night, I tried to be sensitive on the second night, and by night 5...  Pretty much over it.)


The Lift

Grampy got a brand new recliner. It's huge and leather and has a remote. I must admit, it's rather comfy, as H and I slept in it for 2 night. However, I also think its rather comical that this fancy new recliner can lift you right out. I wonder what kind of warranty came with the motor...

Great Gram

I told her to take it easy on Bennett. He's only five, I reminded her, and the sword fighting should be gentle. That woman won't listen to anyone! They battled all through the house.

Crazy lady loves her namesake.

Who's That??

Harps loves to look at pictures of herself and Bennett. Some nights, the only way we can calm her sassy pants, is to convince her to read the Disney book. She looks at each photo, points and says, "ohhhh". (that's about it. Her vocab is less than stellar.)

Who's your homeboy?

Valentine's day 2012. Bennett and I spent three days making valentines for the peeps at Ms. Kelli's. It's a lot of work, writing out all that love.

Thirty FOUR

Thank you, God. I honestly thought I was turning thirty five. AP said, "no". I said, "oh, yes." We did the math, and he was right (again). I had one of the best birthday weekends, yet. We sent the kids to the River, and spent two days drinking beer, playing pull tabs and eating the original juicy lucy.

Good beer, better friends and a whole extra year? I'll take it.

Welcome home, Ms Mac.

Grammy and Grampy and Colie

Came to visit the first week of Feb. They arrived with birthday presents, fresh fish and all kinds of technology. They stayed and cooked and left Harps some sparkly shoes. Let's hope they come back real soon.

Book Number Two


Our new favorite hang out is the local Cherry Berry. It's this super fab yogurt place, that has every sprinkle imaginable. It's the bomb, baby.