Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Picture Day at ORE.  I offered to help the kids select their outfits for the big day.  Harper jumped all over the opportunity and asked me to sit down while she explained "the look".  She had decided that she wanted to be "outdoorsy". (To which I raised my eyebrows - there are many words I would use to describe the gnome, and "outdoorsy" is definitely not one.)  Yes, it was fall.  People like to go outdoors in the fall.  They like to play in the leaves and wear vests.  People usually wear outdoorsy colors, like brown and grey.  And boots.

The bow was added just because she needed a little something, and a blue bow was the most outdoorsy.  Andy, too, raised his eyebrows as she descended the stairs.  He listened attentively as she described "the look" to him, and responded with, "Oh, yeah.  I got it, Harps.  Is Mom ok with the outdoorsy look?"  She came up with this, and made me take several pictures:

Bennett declined my offer to help, and as he shut his door.  I yelled, "Are you going to be outdoorsy, too???" He ascended the stairs, I straightened his tie, and folded over his collar.  His quick response was, "No, Mommy.  I'm much more of an academic.  And just one picture, please."  Andy high fived our little Alex P. Keaton, and said, "Lookin' sharp, Buddy.".

Those two.  I couldn't make this stuff up.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Feels like home, to me.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

There have been a lot of private conversations, and shared glances in recent weeks.  The boys of the house have been researching on their phones and taking lots of trips to various stores like Cabellas and Gander Mountain and Fleet Farm.  There have been Craigslist discussions and finally.  Finally! This arrived.  

 I don't know who is more excited - The Mister or The Boy.

I'm not a hunter, however this makes me happy.   The fact that Andy gets to share what he loves with his mini-me, and my dad - and they maybe will bring me home some jerky.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

KT and I took our favorite Bad Mom out for her birthday - to the movie theatre, of course.  The one that serves cocktails in big cups.

Happy happy birthday, Boo Boo.  I'll be a Bad Mom with you any day.

Friday, September 16, 2016

So today, both kid were stung by a bee.  One kid said, "Oh shoot.  I just got stung by a bee."  One kid said, "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAM!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! MAMAMAMAM!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! A BEE!!!!!!!!! A BEE!!!!!!!!!!" Can you guess who's who??

Andy and I believed child number one, and number two we had some doubts.  However, after inspection, both definitely had stingers that needed to be removed.
 Sorry, sweet Harper.  Next time, I will believe you.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Those who know The Boy well, know how serious he can be.  The nine year old who acts more like thirty-nine. You know how he prefers adult interaction and conversation, you know he makes school his top priority and sets very high standards for himself (and others).  You know he parents his sister more than he plays with her and he worries about things he shouldn't.  You know he is organized, and responsibly beyond his years.  You know this, as do I.

But there are these moments in his life, that are getting fewer and more far away.  Moments like the other day, that make me stop, and smile and say "oh - there he is!  It's The Boy!  The nine year old boy!"  I heard some rumblings in the basement, and I expected to find the cats wrestling, and Bennett reading.  Instead, I found the cats sleeping, and Bennett had an army and target practice - all the while wearing his cowboy hat.

When I am able to catch these moments, I sit down. And I play with him - because I know it won't last long.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day of School.  So many emotions flying around here - I can't believe it's already here, almost as much as I can't believe Bennett is in 4th grade and Harper in 1st.

*I think the above picture is so funny - as it is such a direct reflection of the Ninja and the Gnome. They selected their "first day of school signs", and it describes their personality completely.  H looked over all her options and selected, then changed her mind, then selected again - settling on this one only because she couldn't find one with glitter.  Bennett required something that looked like school, and opted for black and white as not to waste the color ink.

Harper is ready.  She has been so excited for school.  She selected her outfits for the week, with no tears and there has been lots of really positive self talk ("I can do this.  Mrs. Hurdt told me I could do first grade, so I will.  I'm a pro at school.").  We have read a lot of books about school, and talked about school, and even gone to school to check stuff out.  She is really ready for first grade.  This, of course, makes everything so much easier for Mama and Daddy, too.  Smiles and excitement are much easier navigate than all the tears and anxious nights.

Bennett is ready.  Tentatively.  He is excited to see his friends.  He selected his outfit (a Packer T under his button down), and has been listening to my positive talk. ("You are so ready for 4th grade.  You will be great - and rule the school!")  Bennett has read all summer, and is ready to start accumulating AR points.  He is also a bit anxious - will Harper be ok on the bus?  Will she cry during the day?  What will getting off the bus be like?  Will they be comfortable until 3:45pm?  Bennett is cautiously ready.

Ms. Prose is ready.  Year two is already better than year one.  New team, and not the newbie.  I'm excited to meet my third graders, and their families.  I'm happy to have a schedule again, and try some new things in class.  While I am ready, and have had countless first days of school - I still cry.  Last year, the tears were more for Harps - this year, it's Bennett.  Fourth grade is 'the year'.  It is the year I so closely connected with for so long.  There have been so many conversations that have started with "When my kid is in 4th grade..."  and now, my kid is.  It is the year of double digits, long division, and states and capitals.  It is the final year of elementary school, and my talkative, tentative boy continues to grow up.  There's no stopping it, and while I really don't want to, I wouldn't mind slowing it down.  Just a little.

So this morning, when he grabbed my hand and said, "You ready?" I squeezed is hand and said "Of course, Bennett Prose." and squeezed back and said, "Me, too, Mommy.  Me, too."

Monday, September 5, 2016

Yes, Mrs. Prose.  You need to set your alarm tonight.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

It's officially official.  The final weekend of summer, and we are staying home!!  (Just kidding!  While only kinda kidding, we are staying home for a portion of the weekend...)  While we are at home, we will stoke the fire,
get our school cuts,

paint the deck
and play with our friends...
 While we are away we will cruise on the lake and have front row seats to an amazing airshow.

 So long, Summer of 2016.  Farewell.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I asked Andy to create a Maker Space for my classroom.  I told him how easy it would be and all he needed was some wood and Legos.  Honestly, it didn't take much convincing - a project he could complete, using tools and wood and a trusty sidekick?  It was much more difficult convincing my custodial staff that my Mister was handy enough to drill into brick safely.

Thank you to AP and Bbones - my kiddos are gonna LOVE it!! (and I promise to return the borrowed Legos tomorrow...)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy happy birthday, Lucy!!