Saturday, September 10, 2016

Those who know The Boy well, know how serious he can be.  The nine year old who acts more like thirty-nine. You know how he prefers adult interaction and conversation, you know he makes school his top priority and sets very high standards for himself (and others).  You know he parents his sister more than he plays with her and he worries about things he shouldn't.  You know he is organized, and responsibly beyond his years.  You know this, as do I.

But there are these moments in his life, that are getting fewer and more far away.  Moments like the other day, that make me stop, and smile and say "oh - there he is!  It's The Boy!  The nine year old boy!"  I heard some rumblings in the basement, and I expected to find the cats wrestling, and Bennett reading.  Instead, I found the cats sleeping, and Bennett had an army and target practice - all the while wearing his cowboy hat.

When I am able to catch these moments, I sit down. And I play with him - because I know it won't last long.

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