Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Picture Day at ORE.  I offered to help the kids select their outfits for the big day.  Harper jumped all over the opportunity and asked me to sit down while she explained "the look".  She had decided that she wanted to be "outdoorsy". (To which I raised my eyebrows - there are many words I would use to describe the gnome, and "outdoorsy" is definitely not one.)  Yes, it was fall.  People like to go outdoors in the fall.  They like to play in the leaves and wear vests.  People usually wear outdoorsy colors, like brown and grey.  And boots.

The bow was added just because she needed a little something, and a blue bow was the most outdoorsy.  Andy, too, raised his eyebrows as she descended the stairs.  He listened attentively as she described "the look" to him, and responded with, "Oh, yeah.  I got it, Harps.  Is Mom ok with the outdoorsy look?"  She came up with this, and made me take several pictures:

Bennett declined my offer to help, and as he shut his door.  I yelled, "Are you going to be outdoorsy, too???" He ascended the stairs, I straightened his tie, and folded over his collar.  His quick response was, "No, Mommy.  I'm much more of an academic.  And just one picture, please."  Andy high fived our little Alex P. Keaton, and said, "Lookin' sharp, Buddy.".

Those two.  I couldn't make this stuff up.

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