Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happy birthday, lexi

alexis jane kral was born january 13 at 11:45 am. she is gorgeous, with dark hair and olive skin. i think that makes 10!

una cervesa, por favor

andy and i went to mexico last weekend. it was a lovely, much needed vacation. we both were feeling very deprived of Vitamin D. we were fortunate enough to have babysitters (aka - grammy J and grampa) not only willing to take B for 4 days, but willing to travel to our house.
the weather was glorious - 80 degrees and sun. we spent our days laying by the pool, reading and sleeping, and of course, drinking slushy drinks. however, regardless of how beautiful the scenery...
andy could not resist the temptation of getting some work done.
we can not thank you enough, grammy and grampa! B had so much fun skating and cooking and going to the toy store. he asks for you every morning, and wants to know when you will bring him to the lake (even though it is "very icy"). but, really - did you have to teach him to say "WHY??"