Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Big Guy & Freddie

Last weekend, Andy and I took the kids to see Santa.  I really can't describe accurately how excited Bennett was to see the Big Guy.  From Papa and Grandma's house to Santa's village, Bennett chatted about what he would say to Santa, what Santa's favorite things are, how Santa flies, what Santa likes to eat for lunch (this trip is ninety minutes).  He dashed through the mall, and hopped while we waited in line.  After about 30 minutes of hopping, I asked if he needed to use the bathroom.  There was NO WAY this kid was giving up his spot in line, so he danced and pranced until it was his turn.  (Then, he decided he didn't want to have an accident on Santa's lap, so we let a few families go ahead of us, while I held our spot, and the boys made a run for the nearest restroom.)
  Bennett held up two hands, and asked for some "private time" with Santa.  He shook Santa's hand, introduced himself and took the coveted spot on Santa's lap.  After adequate alone time, Bennett then called for his sister to join Santa for the obligatory picture.  As we left, Mrs. Claus chuckled and said, "That boy is going places."

And then, there is Freddy.
Freddy is a scout elf.  He reports to Santa each evening the behavior of the Prose children.  After his trip to the North Pole, Freddy hides in various locations around our house.  Each morning, Bennett scrambles out of bed to find Freddy.  Unfortunately, Freddy will return to his native home on Christmas Eve, but he will come back us next year (maybe right after Halloween??).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Better Watch Out

numero cuatro

On November 10, Bennett turned four years old.  Birthdays are a big deal in the Prose House, so Bennett really had a birthmonth.  He celebrated on the actual day, with his best friends and some aliens.  He celebrated on the weekend with his parentals and T.  He celebrated the following weekend with Grammy, Grampy and the Great Ones.  He celebrated the following weekend with the Prose Family, and the day after with Colie and T (again).  Needless to say, turning 4 is no joke.