Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Comical Anecdote # 276

The other morning, mommy woke up to me, with daddy's duck call around my neck. I was honking as loud as I possibly could. Mommy lumbered down the hall, and the dialogue that ensued went something like this...
"What are you doing, B?" Mommy asked with sleepy eyes.
"Going hunting." I replied matter of factly.
"Oh, really? When?"
I thought really hard, and glanced at my (invisible) watch, "Oh, about five o'clock." Then, I proceeded to HONK HONK HONK down the hall into my room.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hudson Bjorn Cariveau

My Dearest Hudson;
Happy Birthday! I am so glad we were able to meet you last weekend. We have been waiting for your arrival. You are a pretty lucky little boy. Your parents have many exceptional qualities! Try to take it easy on them, in the beginning. I look forward to spending many lazy days with you this summer!
xoxo -

Sunday, March 1, 2009

this one's for you, shelly

i've been busy. i've been out of the country. i've been building schools in africa. i've been saving the rain forest. are you buying any of this?

i thought not.

really, i have just been hanging out, getting bigger and smarter and funnier. since it has been awhile, i thought i would fill you in on some of my current favorites.

food: cake - cupcakes actually (that's a pic of mommy's birthday cake - it was the biggest cupcake i have ever seen, and it had sparklers on it!!!)
sport: hockey
book: curious george and NO, David!
cartoon: max & ruby
saying: "that's my favorite!!"
hobbies: talking on the phone, sweeping, and spinning around until i fall down.
instrument: guitar
beverage: soy milk

up next - side splitting antidotes involving bennett prose