Tuesday, April 27, 2010

training program

Have I told you my daddy is going to run a marathon? Well, he totally is - and he has been practicing. I thought maybe I could help him, so I uploaded my current training video.

Friday, April 23, 2010


"Bennett, go put your PJs on."


kick it.

on saturday, i woke up and told mommy i wanted a ROCK STAR haircut.  when she asked me to explain further, i told her, "you know, like daddy." so, we headed to the ROCK STAR HAIR CUTTING SALONand the make over began.  mommy, daddy, and the stylist were all shocked at how i sat in the chair.  i was still as a statue, and followed each direction given by "my haircut lady".  (see, i DO listen.)  when it was all over, i picked out some fancy hair gel, and headed to the park to show off my new style.

so, i think i accomplished my goal - i'm a total rockstar; just like daddy.

that bunny

a few weeks ago, I was hanging out at grammy and grampy's house, waiting for that bunny to arrive.  grammy said that he hid my basket, and i looked everywhere for my treasure! i looked under beds, and behind chairs and even in the toilet.  no luck.  until - finally...