Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When your neighbor loves StarWars, and sends a StarWars invitation to her 5th birthday party, you must dress the part.

Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy. We hope you always make not a costume party a costume party.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Me, too, Harps.  Me, too.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Mad-Town in the Springtime is my favorite time.  This trip marked (almost) a year since I traveled solo for surgery support - and while I will spare N the before and after photos,
I was reminded of how grateful I am that I was able to be there for hand holding, medicine distribution and smoothie making.  And, even more grateful that N is a year out, and while she still isn't 100%, she is getting there, one bite at a time.

We had unexpectedly good weather, that turned our indoor plans out - and we added some new items to the agenda, including a campus tour and gluten pizza parlor.  While I wish we were next door neighbors, I do love our Wisco Roadtrips, and my sister (BTW, the movie selections this trip were on point -  "Dirty Dancing" and "Empire Records")

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Once upon a time, I played this game.  It was a secret game, in which I was the only one who knew the rules - and the rules were quite simple.  Upon entering the bathroom, I would "win" if I was NOT interrupted - by anyone.  No knock, no yelling of "MAMAMAMAMAMA, WHERE ARE YOU??", no sneaky giggles, or neighbors requesting to play, or husband wondering if he can come in for "just a sec".  I played and played this game, and desperately tried to improve my technique.  There was the "I'm going to the bathroom - leave me alone, please." strategy.  There was also the "sneak attack" when I would enter the bathroom, without a sound,  like a stealth ninja.  And, while it definitely wasn't my best attempt, there was even yelling "Can't I just get a minute to pee ALONE??"

I had worthy opponents, and I lost this game. every. single. time.  So, I just quit.  Not because I am a quitter, but actually using this as my new strategy - maybe if I quit trying so hard to win, the universe would just bring it to me.  Play smarter, not harder.  This was my new technique.

As my advisaries now slide notes under the door, as I sit...  I quit, for real this time.  #loser

Sunday, May 21, 2017

"Mom. This is the best part about being a kid."

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Big birthday coming up - if you haven't seen Harper in awhile, I am sure when you do, one of the first things she will remind you of is that JUNE 9TH IS MY REAL BIRTHDAY, BUT I CELEBRATED IT AT SCHOOL ON MAY 9TH, AND I WILL CELEBRATE WITH MY FRIENDS ON JUNE 3, AND THEN THE FAMILY PARTY WILL BE ON JUNE 9TH!  DID YOU KNOW THAT IT'S ALMOST JUNE 9TH!!??  AND THEN NEXT IT'S GRAMPY'S BIRTHDAY!  HIS BIRTHDAY DAY IS JUNE SOMETHING.  NOT JUNE 9TH.  MINE IS JUNE 9TH, BUT GRAMPY'S IS JUNE SOMETHING."  Deep breath, and yes, she does pretty much yell this at who ever she is comfortable enough to talk to.

Harper has also been obsessed with her make-shift vanity.
She loves to do (pretend) make-up and (real) hair.  She makes (pretend) youtube videos, to share her knowledge.  And, she keeps hoping for a (real) vanity.  Maybe, just maybe...  Your birthday is coming up, sweet Gnomeo...  And, just in case, we better make some room for a new piece of furniture.

I told Harper that we were going to organize her closet, and she cried.  She looked at me with big eyes full of tears and said "Oh thank you, Mama.  Thank you!  I love to organize with you!" So, off to the closet organizing store we went.



So now, we have some room, just in case...
Hello, friends of my mother this is Bennett. Today I’m doing my first blog post so let’s go.

On Saturday Harper had her friends over who are Keeley, Mollie and, Orrin. They played and played. Orrin got sick of them so Orrin and I played the Wii then made ooblec.

Keeley left, Mollie and Orrin left after awhile. To conclude our Saturday we went to Boulder Tap House with Boo’s Family.

Sunday started with a great breakfast provided by Dad. Then, we went on a shopping spree. First, we went to Menard’s, then, we went to Gander Mnt., which was closed. Then to Scheels where I got a NUTCUP. Ha Ha Ha.
Last we went to a whole bunch of clothing stores and at one I got a Bowtie with cats in spacesuits. It is awesome.
Baseball was canceled for Sunday, so we had pizza. This is my first Ever blog post.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Remember a few posts ago, when Bennett was looking for stockings for his Paul Revere costume? Well, here it is.
 Each 4th grade student at ORE researches a person from history, creates a poster board, digital timeline, and writes a short biography.  These biographies are rehearsed, and turned into speeches.  The students then get into character and the speeches are turned into an "auto" biography, as they present their information during the annual Wax Museum.
 It is a wonderful event, but one that neither AP nor I could attend.  Thankfully, I have spies on the inside - and was able send one down to snap some pics to document Sir Revere.
Now, I know some of you are wondering, why the Boy didn't select A.Hamilton.  There was much discussion about whom to research, and Bennett decided that he already knew a lot about the 10$ Founding Father.  He wanted to "learn something" so he chose another character from the Revolution. I like to call kids like that "intrinsically motivated learners".

Monday, May 15, 2017

Grammy and Grampy dropped by on their way to Rochester - and while it wasn't a long visit, we had time to catch up on our spring adventures, exchange some Mother's Day love, drop off a new flower box, and sync a new fitbit!!  Oh, and take a pic for the blog, of course.
Doug and Jane are lookin' good!!  I need to find a trainer named Zach.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Word to my Mothers.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

We have not been to the River in weeks - months, really.  Somehow, January had turned to May...  Thus, there was not much to discuss, and we packed our bags for an overnight stay at the River.  The weather was perfect, with 80* and sun.  The boats were not in the water (the water was still "a foot and a half too high"), but of course, there was an alternative.  In goes the paddleboat! There was sun, and fun, and a giant fire complete with color changing fire sticks, and food, and smores, and goats, and fireworks, and wine... :) But, most importantly, there was Grandma and Papa.