Thursday, May 18, 2017

Remember a few posts ago, when Bennett was looking for stockings for his Paul Revere costume? Well, here it is.
 Each 4th grade student at ORE researches a person from history, creates a poster board, digital timeline, and writes a short biography.  These biographies are rehearsed, and turned into speeches.  The students then get into character and the speeches are turned into an "auto" biography, as they present their information during the annual Wax Museum.
 It is a wonderful event, but one that neither AP nor I could attend.  Thankfully, I have spies on the inside - and was able send one down to snap some pics to document Sir Revere.
Now, I know some of you are wondering, why the Boy didn't select A.Hamilton.  There was much discussion about whom to research, and Bennett decided that he already knew a lot about the 10$ Founding Father.  He wanted to "learn something" so he chose another character from the Revolution. I like to call kids like that "intrinsically motivated learners".

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