Saturday, May 20, 2017

Big birthday coming up - if you haven't seen Harper in awhile, I am sure when you do, one of the first things she will remind you of is that JUNE 9TH IS MY REAL BIRTHDAY, BUT I CELEBRATED IT AT SCHOOL ON MAY 9TH, AND I WILL CELEBRATE WITH MY FRIENDS ON JUNE 3, AND THEN THE FAMILY PARTY WILL BE ON JUNE 9TH!  DID YOU KNOW THAT IT'S ALMOST JUNE 9TH!!??  AND THEN NEXT IT'S GRAMPY'S BIRTHDAY!  HIS BIRTHDAY DAY IS JUNE SOMETHING.  NOT JUNE 9TH.  MINE IS JUNE 9TH, BUT GRAMPY'S IS JUNE SOMETHING."  Deep breath, and yes, she does pretty much yell this at who ever she is comfortable enough to talk to.

Harper has also been obsessed with her make-shift vanity.
She loves to do (pretend) make-up and (real) hair.  She makes (pretend) youtube videos, to share her knowledge.  And, she keeps hoping for a (real) vanity.  Maybe, just maybe...  Your birthday is coming up, sweet Gnomeo...  And, just in case, we better make some room for a new piece of furniture.

I told Harper that we were going to organize her closet, and she cried.  She looked at me with big eyes full of tears and said "Oh thank you, Mama.  Thank you!  I love to organize with you!" So, off to the closet organizing store we went.



So now, we have some room, just in case...

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