Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hello, friends of my mother this is Bennett. Today I’m doing my first blog post so let’s go.

On Saturday Harper had her friends over who are Keeley, Mollie and, Orrin. They played and played. Orrin got sick of them so Orrin and I played the Wii then made ooblec.

Keeley left, Mollie and Orrin left after awhile. To conclude our Saturday we went to Boulder Tap House with Boo’s Family.

Sunday started with a great breakfast provided by Dad. Then, we went on a shopping spree. First, we went to Menard’s, then, we went to Gander Mnt., which was closed. Then to Scheels where I got a NUTCUP. Ha Ha Ha.
Last we went to a whole bunch of clothing stores and at one I got a Bowtie with cats in spacesuits. It is awesome.
Baseball was canceled for Sunday, so we had pizza. This is my first Ever blog post.


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