Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Belt

Weekly, Bennett attends karate lessons. This was his idea, and I must admit, it was a great one.  Not only does karate teach fine motor skills, coordination, respect and responsibility - it allows AP and I to see our son in a classroom setting.  Much to our delight - and relief - Bennett is a pretty good kid.  (Sometimes, there is a really naughty boy there, and those weeks Bennett looks like a REALLY good kid.)  Recently, Bennett passed the yellow belt, and was honored with a green belt.  It was a big day in our world.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's my lightsaber?

 Grammy came to visit, and a visit from Grammy usually means a whole lot of fun.  This particular trip included a stop at the local Build a Bear.  It only took a minute to pick the actual bear.  STAR WARS! for Bennett and a kitty for Harps.
 A heart was placed in each bear.  Bennett rubbed the heart on his arm (to make it strong), and blew hot air on it (to make it warm) and tucked it safely in each bear.
The animal selection was an easy process, however, as Grammy and Bennett began selecting accessories... We could have been there all day!