Friday, January 29, 2010

ms. kelli

I am now attending preschool.  Every day, I jump out of bed ready to go to Ms. Kelli's School of Pre.  It might be the best place ever.  We sing songs, and practice our ABDK's, share, draw, color and cut.  I am totally allowed to use a scissors when Ms. Kelli is in charge.  Mommy and Daddy alternate picking me up, and on the ride home, I fill them in on my learning for the day.  This usually includes a song about monkeys.  In January, we have been studying trains, winter, and squares (notice the above squared lion, and train crown).  I receive a calendar of events and tips for continuing my learning at home And, boy does my mom know importance of learning at home!

Events - we have had some doozies...  PJ Day, White Day, and today is Sweatshirt Day!  I was so excited this AM, I put on my shark sweatshirt right over my pajamas.  I knew Ms. Kelli would love the shark.

I guess this school thing is working.  One recent morning, I was busy running around the house pointing out different shapes to Mommy.  I looked at the clock, and said, "That's a circle, Mom.  Not an octagon.  Stop signs are  octagons."  
Mom smiled and said, "You are such a smart monkey." 
"And strong," I replied. "I'm really strong, too.  And a fast runner"

Strong, smart, AND fast ?!? Yep, that's me.

Friday, January 1, 2010

bring it on

2010 goals for Bennett Prose
-sleep until 6am daily
-attend preschool
-eat at least one bite each meal
-listen to directions
-travel & recycle more
-make some room for numero dos