Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Throne

Shhh - don't tell the kids, but AP and I are going on vacay in February.  We are going to Belize, and we will tell them eventually, but not this far in advance.  I'm super excited, and of course, have things that I must get done prior to departure.  Previous trips, I have began a strict training program to prepare.  This trip is no different, however, I'm not training to get in a swimsuit, I'm training Harps to get out of diapers.  My plan is to have her diaper free by the time Grammy and Grampy come to babysit the first week of February.

Getting the boy to use the bathroom was so easy - take off his pants - let him see how things work - and viola! he's trained.  I was pretty sure that was not going to be the case with the girl.  I tried the same strategy, and it was an epic failure.  I tried again, and tweaked my plan to include M&Ms.  Still a disaster.  When all else fails, leave the training to the experts. 

My expert (yet again), is Ms. Kelli - reason #458 she is the best child care provider on the planet.  She had Harps whipped into shape in no time.  Later the following week, I was giving all my diapers away to Boo (really, Orin.  Boo's pretty well trained.).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ding dong

New Year's Eve has been a huge party in recent years.  When I say "huge party" what I really mean is "the kids and I order pizza,  watch TV, and fall asleep long, long, long before the ball drops in any part of the world".  I was pretty sure ringing in 2013 would be no different.  Until, Nicole had the best idea - bring the kids to the city, reserve a suite in a fancy hotel, and celebrate in style.  I was so in for this experience, and began convincing myself that I would be able to stay up until midnight.

Our party began as only an awesome day does, with a stop at Fletcher's to see Daddy.

 We met Colie, and drove into the city.  Getting dressed in our NYE best, we went to an early dinner.  The kids were great, and especially enjoyed their very first trip in a real taxi.  "MoM!!!  I'm not buckled!!!"

 Another short cab ride, and a quick walk to the Grand Hotel, we arrived for phase II of our party.  (it was c-o-l-d, that night.  like -25 below cold.)

 We played games, and popped poppers, and champagne.  Oh, and we danced ~ Safar-Prose Total Dance Party style. 
 The children did their best to stay up, but were sent to watch cartoons around 8pm.  As they crashed from their sugar high,  I promised Bennett I would wake him for the countdown.

 As they slept, snuggled up in their bed, Colie prepared her delicious local Wisco food and spirits.
 As promised, I woke the boy for the countdown.  He lumbered to the couch, with a twinkle in his eye. 


 3-2-1!!!  Happy New Year!!
 Is is possible to think 2013 will be even better?  Probably be the best year ever.
(While the above story is an 100% accurate depiction of how our NYE went down, it is missing a small element.  How AP rang in his new year...  His plan was to close the bar, and meet us at the hotel.  I left him a key, at the front desk, and a plate of food on the table.  There was a "situation" at the bar, which made him leave an hour later than planned.  His drive was diverted due to main roads being closed down.  He did have a key, but the deadbolt was turned (how'd that happen??), thus he couldn't actually get in the hotel room.  He knocked, and knocked.  Shockingly, we didn't hear.  He called my phone - it was on vibrate.  He called Nicole, who answered his ring.  No champagne dreams for that guy.)