Saturday, October 15, 2016

While Grammy and Grampy are traveling south down the Pacific Coast, we headed north up Hwy 10.  The boys had big plans to clear trails for hunting, and (I thought) the girls had big plans to watch movies and lounge on the big blue sofa.

We arrived at dusk, and had pizza and cocktails from the adult and kiddie categories.  Of course, there was the obligatory nature walk and cribbage, and an early bedtime.

The boys left before the sun came up, and my plans of being lazy were thwarted when Harper told me she wanted to make muffins then "GO ON AN OUTDOORSY ADVENTURE!!!" True story, that A) she yelled this request at me and B) the girl who never wants to get out from under the covers was the one suggesting we go on an adventure.

So, continuing on my campaign for Mom of the Year, we made muffins and prepared for our wilderness trek.  We headed to Maple Wood State Park, about 35 minutes from Rose Lake.  We hiked to the top of a mountain, and ran through the trails.  It was beautiful.  Like the hold your breath for a minute and then repeat "isn't this beautiful???" over and over type of beautiful.

This girl might just get me to be outdoorsy... (ok, probably not, but I truly don't mind playing along.)

I told Andy to be sure to document his adventure in the woods.  

They came home exhausted and hungry and happy.  They described their day as "great!!", while sharing a secret smile.  I heart Rose Lake so much, I think we will come back next weekend, too.

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