Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The cheering section arrived for Bennett's baseball game tonight. The game started at 7pm, and papa and grandma rolled up at about 2pm. We got all caught up on the family and neighbors and lake/river traffic. Papa was able to help B warm up his arm,
and with no time to spare, we got to the field. The cheering section set up the chairs, and everyone was at the edge of their seat. (Ok, really just grandma. I wish I would have video taped her. It was the sweetest - although the loudest - cheering I have ever heard. Complete with clapping and hooting and 'rUNnnnnn!! GO GO GO GOooooo!'. Grandma Rita was on her feet each time a member of the gray team hit the ball, or made it to base and especially when they touched home plate. I did tell her that the teams don't actually keep score. To which she staunchly replied, "they don't need to. It's quite obvious B's team is winning." Best cheerleader ever. And, the look on #10's face, when he grinned at his cheering section was pure joy.

At one point, Rita grabbed Wes' hand and said "Papa, we are coming back every week."
And I think they just might...

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