Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ten Years Ago Today...

Daddy woke up in the morning.  neither mommy nor daddy had slept much.  colie arrived at the hospital, and i was on TV for the final time.  doctor jody came in to talk "options", something was not quite right.  as you are aware, i am a good kid, and i had not broke anything in the 18 hour hospital stay.  doc J said she needed to break mommy's water.  while mommy signed some papers, daddy and colie started to look pale.  it was like this - the doctor would break the water.  it if was clear, i was to enter the world in the 'natural' way.  if it was red, i would not.  the water broke, and there was no question of the color.  daddy and colie were white, the water was red.

twenty-one doctors (some were learning) and seventeen minutes later, i entered the world.  mommy was very tired, but she managed to stay awake until the doctors pulled me out of her tummy.  she said to daddy, "what is it?"  daddy said, "it's a boy!!!"  mommy did not believe him, so she asked again, "no - but what its it?"  daddy said, "a son.  we have a son."

bennett daniel prose
november 10, 2006, 10:30am
4lbs 12 oz
17/5 inches long

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